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WD1660 filter & muffler

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  • WD1660 filter & muffler

    The VF4000 filters at Home Depot are too tall by about an inch for my Ridgid WD16600 wet/dry vac. I got the VF4000 to fit by inverting the filter plate (the old cone shaped plate), but it doesn't fit snug this way. The Ridgid online parts list for the WD16600 shows the VF4000 but not the filter plate. My old filter doesn't have part number I can find. Did Ridgid change the filters and filter plates? Is there a muffler that fits the WD16600?


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    Re: WD1660 filter & muffler

    I have the same problem. Someone in the forum mentioned that Ridgid also made some of the Craftsman vacs, so I popped in to Sears today. Turns out they DO have filters that fit the WD1660 (~1" shorter than current Ridgid filters), with the same colors for the type of filter.

    Craftsman 17816 = VF4000 (basic, white)
    Craftsman 17907 = VF5000 (fine dust, blue)
    Craftsman 17912 = VF6000 (allergen filter, green)

    I have the VF5000 equivalent on mine now. Works like a champ.