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  • Ridgid Tile Saw

    I recently purchased the new Ridgid tile saw because my old MK was very heavy for one person, thinking the new Ridgid with it's fancy wheels would be a blessing. Not so it's very difficult to go up and down stairs because the wheels are small and they hit the front legs. The saw doesn't stand as mentioned by another, taking up room in the trailer. I do like the ease of cutting, the lazer and light. Lazer moves a bit though need to recalibrate often. There is water on the floor as was with the MK so I think thats something to live with. Actually HD honored the 20% off for me when the Ridgid special was going on..Actually HD has another sale now on all tools untill 4/30 that I believe would cover the tile saw..they will deal believe me I spend 100K a year there, it never hurts to ask for a better deal !!
    So if anyone could suggest anything to improve on the wheels, for stairs I would appreciate it.

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    Re: Ridgid Tile Saw

    if you are spending 100k at a home depot you are wasting money and time.

    at 100k a year you should be getting your material delivered and have a dedicated sales rep.