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TS3660 fence to table clearance

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  • TS3660 fence to table clearance


    Coming back after a vacation, I am continuing to assemble my new TS3660, but ran into a problem with the fence to table clearance. It is supposed to be 8 sheets of paper, which I measured as .030". I can get 20 sheets (.075") under the very front edge of the fence, with the rail pushed down as far as it will go and tightened. The distance from the edge of the table bevel down to the top of the fence is .6".

    I could apply a rat tail file to the five rail mounting holes, but would rather not. Is .075" going to be a problem". The rear rail is much closer to the designated .030" (8 sheets). If the front is OK at .075", should I adjust the rear to a similar dimension?


    - Phil

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    Re: TS3660 fence to table clearance

    Forget the 8 sheets of paper. Just make sure that the clearance is the same for the front and back of the fence. The way I did it is install the back first and lower it as far as it will go to clear the rails and then install the fence and look at the gap and adjust the front fence up or down until the gap is even.