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Bad service issue - Ridgid, please help

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  • Bad service issue - Ridgid, please help

    Hey all. I've got a bad service issue here. Josh, ProBrand - I think Ridgid needs to step up and intervene a bit here. Here's a little bit of a timeline so far:
    • Wed., April 2nd, 2008 - dropped off 2 of my Ridgid cordless drills for service (Ridgid 18 volt compact lithium ion drill, R86006; and my Ridgid 24 volt XLI lithium ion hammer drill/driver, R851150, from the R931 24 volt 3-piece kit). Tools dropped off to A.C. Jenkins Electric Repair Limited, in London, Ontario, Canada - they are one of the authorized service centers for my area. Both of these drills have developed a noticable wobble - it apparently is not in the chuck itself with these drills, but instead, both apparently have a loose/misaligned main shaft coming out of the gearbox. When dropping off these tools, informed by tool repair clerk that he knew what the problem was, should have the parts within a week, figured my tools would be back to me within 1 to 2 weeks max.
    • Didn't hear anything for 3 weeks. Called back to A.C. Jenkins on Friday morning, April 25th (approx. 10am). Spoke w/ female receptionist/clerk. She took my phone number, looked up my repair ticket, stated that they did not yet have parts. I explained to her that I was told 2 weeks, over 4 weeks at this point. She said she would call the factory/Ridgid, to find out what the delay was, would give me a call back within a few hours.
    • Didn't hear back, called late Friday afternoon, approx. 3pm, April 25th. Spoke with same female clerk. Said she didn't hear yet, would call factory directly right now, had me wait on hold for a few minutes. She then came back to me, explained parts are on their way, should be on their shipment receiving Tuesday morning, my drills would then be repaired, hopefully ready for me to pick up on Wednesday at some point. If I didn't hear by Wednesday at noon, she told me to call back to see what the status was, that they wouldn't be calling me. (NOTE: This is also the same clerk that I placed an order with for a replacement toolcase for a Ridgid nailer, since I had broke mine. Order was placed with her back at the end of February, was told should be in within 2 to 4 weeks, didn't hear anything, no one contacted me, but case was sitting there when I dropped off drills on April 2nd. Bad customer service with this shop, it appears - no business sense.)
    • Haven't heard back. Just called A.C. Jenkins again (2:30pm, Wed., April 30). Spoke w/ Scott, who stated that he was the owner of the store. Explained to me that drills weren't fixed, still waiting on parts to arrive. Told me that parts request is in with factory/distributor, but they haven't yet been given an estimated delivery date. (At this point, I was getting frustrated, due to conflict of stories being told to me by his other staff, and by earlier ordering issue). I explained to Scott my frustrations, to which he explained to me the following things:
        • We repair 5:1 Ridgid drills versus anything else.
        • Sorry, but we can't fix your drill if Ridgid doesn't send us the parts.
        • [I asked if I could pick up drill until parts arrive, told:] No - your drill is presently tore appart, and Ridgid won't pay for us to open it, close it, and redo repair once parts arrive [which I think is pretty curious, since I'm damn sure that the LLSA does not limit the amount of repair/service visits for a tool].
        • [I then said fine, no final repair, I just want to pick up my drills (I would then take drills to another service location, due to issue with this store it appears). Told the following:] Sorry, but you can ONLY HAVE YOUR DRILL BACK IF YOU PAY FOR IT. [I told him no, that's what Ridgid's LLSA is for, I don't pay for service. He stated no, they'd only get paid with final repair, and the only way I can get my drills back now is to pay them. He then said the following additional comments:]
        • You can feel free to call Ridgid if you don't like this - it's their fault, not ours.
        • You should have bought a better quality tool if you wanted better.
    I sort of cringed at this last point. I explained to him that I would hate to hear Ridgid's reaction to know how one of their service centers is presenting the company to customer's. I also said to him that I doubt Ridgid would condone them "holding my drills hostage", and that I could only get my drills back either if I paid for the service so far, or if/when Ridgid sent them the parts to complete the repair (which he says they have other Ridgid tools sitting there from 8 to 9 months ago). I'll admit, I sort of went off on him after all this, since it is preposterous to me for them to say they are refusing to give me back my tool if they can't fix it as promised. But I think I'm sort of stuck in a catch 22 here. (I was also considering purchasing a few major items from them that I saw they had for sale - lawnmower, bandsaw, mitresaw, and a few other things totalling about $2000 - sure as hell not buying from this business now).

    Josh, Wyatt, Tom, and/or other Ridgid personel - what the heck is going on with this service center? What can be done at this point? I've now got a couple of thousand dollars of Ridgid gear, and still going. If the service centers (at least this one) and/or Ridgid are not going to stand behind the LLSA, and within reasonable timelines, then future purchases are definitely going to have to be reconsidered, due to the LLSA being a major deciding factor in the purchases. Please let me know how we can get this sorted out, and sooner rather than later. My tools are unfairly being held hostage at this point. Thanks.
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    Re: Bad service issue - Ridgid, please help

    Wow... I was considering the ridgid planer and a new circ saw. If this is the standard support then I will be rethinking my choice of manufacturers.


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      Re: Bad service issue - Ridgid, please help

      Wyatt is looking into this one.



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        Re: Bad service issue - Ridgid, please help

        I hate to admit this, but I am hearing this from local repair shops here as well. Alot of them say that it takes forever to get parts, AND they get paid less from Ridgid than other manufactures so they sit on the shelf until other tools are repaired first as they make more money on them than the Ridgid tools. This is what I have heard from multiple repair facilities in the twin cities, MN area, not just one.

        Josh, please look into this. I had a friend bring in a Finish nailer with a broken driver, and was told that it might be fixed in a month or two. He then said thats BS, and the tech brought him in the back, showed him shelves of Ridgid tools and said they were all waiting on parts, and that most had been there for months. My friend walked out the door and tossed the gun in the trash bin outside the store and swore off Ridgid then and there.

        I am a huge Ridgid fan, and have many many Ridgid tools, and plan on buying many more, but I must admit, getting my 12" CPMS fixed was a nightmare! It seriously took 6 MONTHS to get it fixed (parts back ordered)


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          Re: Bad service issue - Ridgid, please help

          Originally posted by osgoor View Post
          Wow... I was considering the ridgid planer and a new circ saw. If this is the standard support then I will be rethinking my choice of manufacturers.
          Osgoor, don't let this deter you from Ridgid. They are excellent tools, in both design and performance. I've found that Ridgid tools have some excellent design points that other tools just don't have, but they are no brainers (ie - brad nailer: adjustable exhaust, no-tool jam clearing, multiple trigger options, belt hook, just to name a few).

          Unfortunately, the support is up to the shops - Ridgid can only monitor so much as to what the customer support is like in the various mom-and-pop tool-repair centers. And that is my intent to start this thread - to notify Ridgid of this issue (at least with my center), and see if this is accurate as to what I'm being told by the shop, and what is/can be done about it.

          Now, if it is truely due to a parts-delay issue, then that is Ridgid's fault it appears (and/or TTI, Emerson, OWT, who knows). I don't understand how a tool can be in the stores for over a year, and parts be not yet to the tool repair shops, or in the warehouses at the parts distribution centers. One would think that maybe with the new 12v lithium-ion pocket drill, those parts may still be on the way from China - granted. But, if I have a problem with that item, then I can just return/exchange it for a new one within the 90 day satisfaction period if the service centers don't yet have the parts for it. But once we're past approximately 90 days past the release date for any tools, parts should be in the system and ready to go - that's tons of extra time to get them from China or wherever they need to come from. For these two drills that I'm having repaired, parts should be more than readily available. If there are dozens of these two drills at all the local HDs, then there should be no reasons for delays for parts for service. It doesn't seem normal to tell me you have, say, 5000 of the 18v compact LI drills in the Canadian HD retail system, but that you only have 2 dozen of each set of parts in the parts distribution network - and that's in essence what I'm being told by the service center, and that is not a good business plan.

          Josh, ProBrand - I appreciate you guys looking into this for me. Either way, something doesn't quite seem right.

          And the other side of that coin is this: if this is just a thing with this service center, and Wyatt/Josh are able to get this cleared up for me, could I still be stuck? I mean, if I'm able to go in there, and pick up my drills without paying this store a charge for nothing done, and I then take these drills to another service center, am I just going to get the same thing there? Am I looking at weeks and weeks, or even months, at any service center I take them to in my area? There isn't a lot of service centers in my region (3 within 1 hours drive, then the next 5 are within 2 to 4 hours away), and I can't afford to have to take my tools from one place to another to another.
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            Re: Bad service issue - Ridgid, please help

            LOL - guess what?!?! I just (10:00 am, Thursday, May 1st) got a phone call from Scott, the owner at A.C. Jenkins. Apparently (), THEY just got a call from Ridgid, and they've been assured that the parts for one of my drills (the hammer drill), were shipped at the end of the day yesterday, and they would be receiving them hopefully with their 11am shipment today. So, his guys will get right on it, and I will get my hammer drill back (knock on wood), by the end of the day today. The other drill (compact 18v LI) will not be able to get the parts out until around May 12th or so.

            The fun thing is, I go to London (1 hour away) every Wednesday. Yesterday was Wednesday. If they get it fixed and done for end of day today, is it worth the $40 in gas it will cost me to drive there and back, just for the drill? I know I sound like a boob with this point, but I may now just wait until next Wednesday to pick it up. Wish today was Tuesday instead. Decisions, decisions. I may just do the drive anyways and take the hit in gas money, to pick up my tool - I miss it.


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              Re: Bad service issue - Ridgid, please help

              In some ways the last post reinforces my concern. You the customer had to make a stink to get Ridgid to respond with parts. If Ridgid is not able to supply parts to service centers on a timely basis then that's a problem. If Ridgid is not competitive in the rate it compensates service centers for repairs then that's a problem. If I was a service center I would portion my labor towards what made me the most money.

              If I am wrong about these concerns then I would hope someone from Ridgid would respond to this thread and clarify the perception.


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                Re: Bad service issue - Ridgid, please help

                Well, a good update so far. I've just got off the phone with my local Ridgid rep for southwestern Ontario. He called and left me a message at 3:30pm today, I just called him back (3:50pm). He explained to me that he has been in contact with the store's owner about the issue. Yes, they do now have my 24 volt drill ready to go today. And yes, it is a bit of Ridgid's fault with the part delay for the 18 volt. But I'm impressed with the resolution. The rep had offered to give me a completely new kit to replace mine (no need to wait another 2-3 weeks), and he would worry about taking care of things with Tom and customer service to get my registration/serial numbers changed and all fixed up. Very impressive. I did not take the offer though, kind as it was. I'm impartial to my drill (I have a kit that everything works, and I'd hate to switch out kits only to have something else happen). So, the rep and myself found a very agreeable middle ground; he was going to still send the brand new kit to the service center (should be there tomorrow morning first thing), and would direct them to use the new kit for parts to fix my drill.

                Now - yes, this is a Ridgid parts issue. Yes, that is a drawback and that does suck. However, the rep did let me know that they only need to have the service centers' to call Ridgid, to let them know of any extenuating circumstances parts/repairs-wise, and Ridgid will do what they can to set things good. Which Ridgid is definitely doing in this case.

                But apparently this all starts and ends with this service center (sort of). The rep (yes sir, I am sure hanging onto your name and cell phone number for future use if I ever need it!!), explained to me that he had a fairly long and good chat with this store's owner. Mr. Rep explained that no, the store cannot "hold the tool(s) hostage", and that all the stores need to do is communicate these issues with Ridgid, which was not being done in the case of this store. And it doesn't matter how many repairs the service center does on a tool, they just bill Ridgid for the repair, and that's that. None of this "well-we-can't-put-back-together-your-tool-unless-you-pay-because-Ridgid-won't" crap. Mr. Rep said that there is no reason why this store couldn't just get me back my tools if I needed them now (since they are still in essence usable - just a chuck/shaft wobble issue), and then they do the repair whenever the parts get in.

                So.........HUGE kudos to Ridgid on this, and just a bit of an issue with this particular service center. Unfortunate, but looks like things are panning out in the end.

                (I knew there was I reason that I spend all my time on this forum. Thanks for any and all help fellas - you know who you are!)
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                  Re: Bad service issue - Ridgid, please help

                  Canucksartech, thanks for keeping us updated on this service issue by the minute

                  Good to see Ridgid is trying to make things work for you

                  I don't want to start a new thread so I'll post my expierience with Ridgid service here.

                  24 Volt Lion 4 pack about 8 months old. One battery has a foul odor to it when using it. Soon after dies completely even though the battery light says fully charged. Local Ridgid repair center is a electric shaver shop. Somehow they make a business selling only electric shavers in a strip mall I always thought when I would pass by this place it was just a storefront for illegal activity Seems to be legit.

                  Naturally, when I bring it in the guy wants the whole kit not just the battery or just one power tool. Says come back in 3 days will be all fixed. I am less optimistic. Came back after a week and he says parts are on order for the battery, will be 3 weeks instead. This is unacceptable IMO but being a pansy that I am I don't argue with him. Fustrated that I am without 4 tools that I rely on everyday.

                  He calls back the 2 days later and says the tools are ready to be picked up. He had called Ridgid without my prompting and asked if they could expedite the parts. They couldn't but sent him a brand new battery instead. Not sure how the new replacement battery fits into my LLSA?

                  10 day turn around for repairs...I'm happy


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                    Re: Bad service issue - Ridgid, please help

                    Originally posted by plumberscrack View Post
                    Canucksartech, thanks for keeping us updated on this service issue by the minute
                    Try my best.

                    In all serious though, I like putting down the times/dates, to show/give a proper perspective of what is being done, and the fact that this was something on the go for a while, not just in the last day or so.

                    Thanks, though.


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                      Re: Bad service issue - Ridgid, please help

                      Thanks for posting this story. I'm glad to hear Ridgid came through as it makes me feel a bit better about the 12" SCMS and shop vac I just purchased. So far so good as they are the first Ridgid products I've used and I do like them so I hope they hold up.


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                        Re: Bad service issue - Ridgid, please help

                        Well, it's Saturday night. Didn't get a call from the repair shop on either Thursday, or Friday (not sure if they're also open on Saturday's, too), to see if they let me know when they're done my repair, and when I can pick up my tools. I'm not going to hunt them down at this point, we're well into this game in that they know that I'm waiting and wondering - it's their call to make to let me know. I'll give it more time, and we'll see if they call me or not, and when.


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                          Re: Bad service issue - Ridgid, please help

                          End of day Tuesday now. No further call from repair shop yet.


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                            Re: Bad service issue - Ridgid, please help

                            So, I picked up my tools. I didn't hear anything further over the past few days from A.C. Jenkins (service center), so I gave them a ring around 2pm on Wednesday. Confirmed with them that both of my drills were done, and that they were open until 5pm. Headed up to London and picked them up from A.C. Jenkins at about 4:50pm.

                            Now, when the rep had called me last week, he told me that he would be including a little something extra for my inconvenience. So I picked up my two drills, and that's it - with Scott, the owner, just sort of looking at me and keeping an eye on me, while his wife was working out the paperwork with me to get my drills back. I asked about is that it, "yes, that's it - just the two drills." To which I asked, isn't there anything else, to which they both said, nope that's it. I finally looked right at Scott and said, "(the rep) told me he would be including an extra little something for the inconvenience". Scott just looked at me, paused for a second, and then grabbed a little Ryobi bit set from the back counter, saying that was it, that's the only thing extra that was included.

                            As sad as that is, this shop definitely doesn't seem to care about correcting a wrong. My drills are now banged up and marked up to heck. Now, it's only cosmetic issues - nothing seems to affect the operation of these drills. And I get that my drills are very clean and well kept, compared to a lot of job-site-used tools. But it's just the principle. I've got lots of little gouge and marks, areas where the rubber bumpers on the drill casing have been scratched away and worn. Also, my 18 volt drill is much better in straightness and correcting the off-center wobble. But the 24 volt is still just as bad, and the apparently "new" chuck that they put on it (based on the paperwork), looks way worse and gouged up compared to the original chuck that was on that drill.

                            But here's the kicker. I got home last night around 10 pm, and had a message from the rep on my answering machine. He stated that it was about 5:10pm Wednesday when he was calling me (about 20 minutes after I picked up my drills), and he just got off the phone with the shop. Apparently, they had told him that my drills have been done for a bit now, and that they had contacted me and left me a message to this effect, but that I wasn't coming in to pick up my drills (no calls/messages were received by me - I also have caller ID, and they have simply not called). So, the rep was just calling me back to do a follow up, and see if there are any other issues, just seeing if everything is in order.

                            I just called the rep back earlier this morning, and gave him my input. He said it's something he'd be looking into further, and a few other things that he discussed further with me. He said it was unfortunate that the shop was telling him one thing, and then doing another for me. And we both agreed that the lack if immediate presentation to me of the "something extra" Ryobi bit set was questionable if not downright upsetting.

                            So...I'm sorry to all for my lengthy and excessive posts on this issue. Thank you to those who have let me rant on this issue. But I wanted to leave a detailed passage of my experiences with this. Long and short of it, is that the rep, TTI, Ridgid, have all more than done their fair share, and gone above and beyond to satisfy the customer. Unfortunately, it's just this one shop that has caused these issues, and an uninformed customer would have just passed it off as Ridgid screwing over this shop and this customer. As unfortunate as this service experience was for me, I must say that I still/now have full trust and confidence in Ridgid and the LLSA process (just not at this shop!).

                            To the rep - thank you and kudos. You've definitely helped me secure my opinions of Ridgid/TTI/etc as a company, and shown me that the customer is cared for.

                            To Scott/A.C. Jenkins - (I would've put the middle finger smiley in here, but it's not in the list anymore - too bad. A.C. Jenkins definitely earned the big, bad, double-bird!).

                            Josh, ProBrand - thanks for doing whatever you guys did to get this rolling for me. Much appreciated.