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    How far should a 10” saw blade drop below the table.
    The reason I ask is because I tried to install a blank insert to make a zero clearance but the blade only drops to about slightly less than 2/8” below the table and I can’t use the raising the blade technique.
    The thickness of zero clearance board is slightly less than ½”.


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    Re: TS3660/50 owners

    Common question (see search on Zero Clearance Inserts):

    1. I start mine by using a 7 1/4" circular saw blade for thin kerf, or one of the outside dado blades for full kerf. Due to the smaller diameter of the starter blade, you will have to run it up quite a ways to give front to back clearance for the larger diameter 10" blade.

    2. Others have clamped the new insert via a board and "C"-clamps on top of the stock insert to get it started. I do not like this method because you have to get it perfectly aligned to the stock insert to prevent binding when you drop the new one into the recess.

    3. You can align the fence to the edge of the insert recess with the stock insert installed, raise the blade 1/4" above the table and cut a slot in the bottom of the new one. I don' like this method for the same reason I do not like #2.

    4. You can cut a 1/4"w x 5/16"d dado in the bottom of the insert using a plunge router. This method is used by a few folks and works well also, as the width and extra depth gives a bit of wiggle room..

    Nothing is wrong with the saw. That is how it is manufactured. I cannot believe the design engineer made such an omission as I am sure he was familiar with all the operations commonly done on a table saw, so i must assume the bean-counters eliminated this step to save money during the manufacturing process!!

    Hope this helps.

    Practicing at practical wood working


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      Re: TS3660/50 owners

      Thank you
      I was thinking doing either 1 or 4 or this way.

      Too bad they skipped on this important feature.

      Maybe TS3670