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Combo kit puchase on 12/23/2003

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  • Combo kit puchase on 12/23/2003


    Wife bought my 4pc kit Christmas of 03'. The kit has a lifetime warranty that includes batteries.

    Well, my batteries are not lasting and my drill switch locks "on" with minimal tourque applied. (the drill casing twists and holds the power switch on resulting in cuss words).

    I have the original receipt and warranty information brochure. This warranty is not the same as the newer warranty because online registration was not required.

    How do I proceed to get the batteries replaced and drill repaired?

    I live in the Concord, CA bay area.



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    Re: Combo kit puchase on 12/23/2003


    Welcome to the Ridgid forum!

    As I recall, no registration was necessary. Your dated receipt should be enough, if it was a perfect world.... but we all know it's NOT!

    So, I'd give Ridgid Customer Service a call and ask them; and, if you know your local authorized Ridgid service center, I'd give them a call just to make sure everybodies on the same page.

    I'll have to go back in my records and look to see what the original sales flyers had to say about the LLSA and registration. I do know that I bought my first "orange" Ridgid tools during that period and I did register them... so I'm thinking the system was in place at the time, or soon after. (Heck, I even registered the "gray" DP1550 that I bought that fall.)

    I hope this helps,