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  • shop vac cyclones

    does anybody have a dust deputy or clearvue cv06 or one of those trash can lids? do the cyclones work way better than the lids which is better

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    Re: shop vac cyclones

    The ClearVue works great. Heads and shoulders above the simple lid you buy (That was a total waste of $20 or so..)

    I mounted it to a 20 gallon trash can. I only have to empty / clean my shop vac every 3-4 months when the finest dust has clogged up the filter. All the chips and the majority of the sawdust goes into the can which I empty (20 gallons!) at least once a month.

    However, as much as I've liked the ClearVue and my shop-vac setup, it simply hasn't kept up with the projects and tasks I've taken on. The planer and jointer overwhelm it's capabilities, and in retrospect I wish I had the room for a full size DC. For the cost of the ClearVue, the can, and ducting, etc you can pickup a full size HF unit which has gotten great good reviews from fellow forum users.