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You Guys are gona love this

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    Re: You Guys are gona love this

    Originally posted by garager View Post
    I have no desert here, can you tell me if its been tested in a cold climate, minimum of zero degrees - 40 below?
    Yup, no deserts in MN. I don't have that spec so I am going to see if I can find out for you. I'll post back once I find out.


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      Re: You Guys are gona love this

      Make one that'll do all that in stainless, (with lots of nice,messy oil/water cooling) and I'll pay 5x that price for it.


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        Re: You Guys are gona love this

        Originally posted by garager View Post

        Who knows, maybe I can be persuaded/convinced on buying one. I never totally close my eyes, unless they are really cheap made tools....
        AACK! Garager! Stay strong! I want this saw soo bad that if you end up getting it and report back that it is worth every penny I'll break. I can feel it in my gut right now anyway. You know that little conversation us tool whores have with ourselves?

        Mine usually starts out with reminding myself that tools are my hobby as well as my livelihood, so I am entitled to treat myself to a good tool the same way others treat themselves to a new driver or surfboard or ski pass. Then I go into reminding myself how much I enjoy all of the great tools I have bought over the years, and how very little (almost nil) regret I have ever experienced once the tools are being used. Then I start to think about what kind of money I have that is not really earmarked for anything at the moment. I just paid off my truck for example--thats $479 a month in my pocket! Plus the $600 tax "refund". Plus the increase in sales at my office.

        And hey, can you really put a price tag on your health? 92% of dust?!? That's a lot man! *puffs on his menthol cigarette thoughtfully*

        Shoot, maybe I should get a part time job as a salesman, then I could afford all these toys!

        Don't do it man. If a guy I look up to like you on this forum caves that'll be the straw on the camels back!

        A good carpenter makes few mistakes, a great carpenter can fix his own.


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          Re: You Guys are gona love this

          Originally posted by shofestoolusa View Post

          Most people aren't aware of it but we are the innovators of a lot of technologies that are now widely used in the industry such as the orbital sander, the first eccentric sander,

          sorry i beg to differ. some of the first hand held orbital and eccentric sanders were air tools produced primarily for the auto body industry

          being in the trades for 30 years and still going the first true orbital and eccentric sander i saw on the market and have owned and used BTW was from AEG still got it too that was soon followed by porter-cable before that there were several attachments that were made to be put on 4 inch grinders but they usually fell apart because at the time grinders were not of the variable speed variety and at 10K RPM the rubber for these attachments would separate from the attachments base.

          but thats no big deal really you guys make a great sander one of if not the best all-be-it EXPENSIVE and that seems to be the prevailing sentiment here.

          in my 30 years in the trades I've used many many tools and many brands of SCMS in fact i think that i was among the very First people to actually use a SCMS on jobs that was portable. it was a sears mini radial arm saw thing that slid on a rail but also had a table like todays saws for mitering it was GREAT but only had a 6 1/2 inch blade.

          Anyway today most of us use one SCMS for all our jobs from framing, decks, Trim, small and large stuff we usually only carry one so its gotta be versatile, accurate and trouble free. the weight well when i was younger i didn't care LOL now i get the kids to roll them out

          one feature i love about the Kaypax is the depth of cut adjustment. it seems very accurate and fast and would be great for slotting out 4 X 4 posts for decks.

          the lasers are great too i like that they are not arbor mounted and that makes laying out your cut much faster.

          However all that being said i must agree with a previous poster that this saw should have been a 12" because like i said most of us just buy and use the ONE saw all the time and don't have several of them for different types of jobs and the bigger blade just seems to lend itself to more versatility. Also price yea 1300 WAY too much and yeas i DO make my living behind a SCMS if ya sold these 10 inchers for $500 to $600 you wouldn't be able to Keep them on the shelves trust me.

          At any rate WOW never thought this thread would grow like this so thats cool that theres an active discution.......thats what we are all about i guess all here to learn from each other. so Great tool there festool just umm ya know think about us working stiffs too a Little on pricing.