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24v vs 18 nicad

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  • 24v vs 18 nicad

    i have the cordless vac and with the 24 v battery the run time is 12 minutes, with the 18 v the run time is 13 minutes. with the 24v the vac has more power but the run time still is very disapointing, thought it will be lot better

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    Re: 24v vs 18 nicad

    Why start another thread? You already started one about 24 volt issues, there's no reason to open another thread for each different tool that you use with the 24 volt batteries.

    And again, I will say it seems like you might have a 24 volt battery. I had done a review a few months back of the dual voltage cordless wet/dry vac (at this thread), and my runtime with a fully charged 24 volt battery was about 18 minutes.