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planer out of wack, about to toss it!

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  • planer out of wack, about to toss it!

    EDIT.....Sorry, just realized I called it a PLANER in the title, it's actually a JOINTER.

    I have an old Craftsman jointer, 6" blades, tables span about 40". It's been sitting for atleast 10 years in the corner. Decided today to pull it out and clean it up and put it on Craigs List since I have no need for it.
    It's in great shape, little use. I bought it used about 30 some years ago.

    I cleaned it off, shot some lube on the slides underneith. Lubed the adjuster threads, checked it over, all slides are snug and in good shape, no play anywere to be found. I plugged it in and it ran fine and sounded fine. Cool! I grabbed a board and ran it through and it planed about half way down then missed the rest. Ok, the infeed table is not parrellel with the outfeed, so I get my square and check and it's off a tad. I adjust the infeed table and try again, and again, and again, and again, and again. No good! Up, down, up, down, getting to microscopic movements on the slide screws. Still no good.

    Ok, so I start at square one. I get out my 4' high dollar aluminum level and check the blade height. Level is resting on the outfeed (fixed)table and over the blades. Each blade just gently kisses the level, and I mean barely, maybe a thou or so. Right on the money on each end of the blades. Ok, now I slide the lever so it spans the entire planer. I get out my feeler guages and check under the infeed table. It's off a tad so I dial it in to within a few thousands. I lower the infeed table and ck again, still fine. Cool! It's all better. Wrong! I try a 30" board and it's still missing half way down. I re-check the tables and they are still fine. Hmmm, so I get a 12" board, rip it on the table saw so its dead on width wise and then run it through the planer. It cuts from end to end. I"m removing about 1/32" per pass. I make 3 passes. I measure the board now and it tapers 1/16" from one end to the other. Crap!!! I re-check it again, still exactally parrallel. I finally gave up and came in for lunch. I do not know what is wrong. Any idears before I take it to the recyle place up the street and get some gas money?

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    Re: planer out of wack, about to toss it!

    Well, I feel kinda "DUH" but it's all better.

    Just for grins, I slid the fence all the way towards me and tried a pass on the clean end of the blades. Worked perfectly. Seems that other end was very dull. Somehow, that messed up how it fed or slid or something. I had a spare set of new blades so I put them in and it's dead on straight and smooth. Guess the noise should have been a clue too. It ran through pretty noisy on the bad end, nice and quiet and smooth on the fresh end. Oh well, now I"m having second thoughts on getting rid of it!!!

    Guess I can let it set in the corner for another 10 years?
    Congratulations to Mr. "the sky is falling" Al Gore, nominated the new Village Idiot!