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  • Freud laminate trimmer

    I'm addicted to laminate trimmers. I just bought another one on Ebay. It is here, the FT750T.

    Very powerful, made in Spain and pretty cruddy reviews on Amazon, but I wanted another offset base trimmer to dedicate to a flush-cut bit. Since this was cheaper than the PC base alone, I figured I'd go for it. I really wish Ridgid would come out with an offset base for their laminate trimmer because it is my favorite of the ones I own.

    Anyway, it is heavy, but feel solid. There were no real instructions in the case. The offset base also has a different size collet nut so the two stamped wrenches that came with it don't work. If I paid full price for this it would be vexing, but I can deal with it since I got it at a steal and it is just for convenience, not necessary to my day to day. It does mean I have not been able to test it yet though.

    Anyone else have experience with Freud power tools? I'll update as information becomes available.

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    Re: Freud laminate trimmer

    No experience with that trimmer but I've had their jigsaw for years and have been more than satisfied with it. Along with the jigsaw I also have some forstner bits and a few saw blades from Freud. All have performed up too or beyond my expectations. Great company and in the couple of instances where I have needed it they also have great customer service.
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