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TS3660 shim installation

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  • TS3660 shim installation

    When I came to the part of my install where I'm supposed to use shims to support rip fence the descriptions of what to do were really pretty vague. I downloaded the TS3650 manual from the sticky thread and that helped some. Common sense dictated that I install the shims on bolts where there were visible gaps to support the fence. That much was obvious. However I couldn't really find any gaps using the Ridgid method....

    I can't imagine I aligned my wings that well or that my table is that well aligned... I had a feeler gauge but for the life of me I can't find it. I think I let a friend borrow it. I'll have to make some calls.

    Anyway I used a laser pointer and that seemed to work fairly well. You have to rock the laser back and forth to get it to work so it 'finds' any gaps. I tested it in a place where a gap was obvious until I figure out a system. Anyway it works okay, but even then I couldn't really find any gaps, especially on the front rail.

    Question is what's the tolerance on these gaps to avoid rail damage. I've got the saw setup and have made a few cuts already. I've just avoided rip cuts because I think I should have used more shims (I only used a total of 3 on 2 bolts on the rear rail).

    BTW I know the TS3660 and 3650 are very similar but is there a 3660 install thread?

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    Re: TS3660 shim installation

    I did not use any of the shims when I assembled my 3650. The gaps for the rails were so small that the shims would not slip between the rail and the table. It didn't make sense to me to use them. I don't know if this is right or not. Everything works fine and was just about perfectly set up right out of the box.


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      Re: TS3660 shim installation

      No gap, no need for shims. but the thin brass shims are needed for the
      spacer bar.


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        Re: TS3660 shim installation

        I also didn't need to use any of the provided shims when I assembled my 3612. I'm thinking that they provide them in case you need them and not because you have to use them.
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