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  • Registering RIDGID tools

    I bought a rechargeable 18-volt RIDGID drill, model 97794 0746, a few weeks ago, and sent in the registration card, original UPC and a copy of my receipt, in order to confirm my Lifetime Parts & Service Warranty incl. Batteries.

    So my questions are:

    1) How long before I receive confirmation of my registration? Is this straightforward process or has anyone had trouble with things getting lost and tools unregistered?

    2) Re: the Lifetime Warranty, anyone have good or bad things to say about the customer service & performance under this warranty? I paid extra for this tool because I don't want to have to buy a new one, or find I can't get batteries when they give out.


    Kevin Curry

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    Re: Registering RIDGID tools

    Answers to questions:
    1) It takes a long time (a few months) for them to confirm your lifetime warranty. Eventually you'll receive a card in the mail

    2) My 3+ year old miter saw stopped working and the authorized repair shop fixed it with no questions or problems. I just showed them my liftetime warrnty card. I was very pleased. I'll keep buying ridgid!


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      Re: Registering RIDGID tools

      it takes several months for them to complete the regstration proces. by that i mean for the item to show lifetime registration in your ebox. and you only get one tiny white card with your ebox number on it. all future tools, properly registered for LSA will be similarly associated with that ebox id. keep copies of everything you send ridgid. it is not uncommon for things too get lost.

      my one repair experience was favorable. took 10 days from drop off at repair facility to ups back to me at ridgid's expense.
      there's a solution to every just have to be willing to find it.


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        Re: Registering RIDGID tools

        [quote=Kevin Curry;146662]How long before I receive confirmation of my registration? Is this straightforward process or has anyone had trouble with things getting lost and tools unregistered?

        FYI: I got an e-mail from Ridgid yesterday informing me that the LSA for my TS2400LS has been upgraded from 3 years to limited lifetime service agreement. I registered online 12/8/07 and mailed my UPC + receipt (made copies of everything) and Ridgid E-box confirms my LSA. It took a long time but I had my copies if I needed them.
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          Re: Registering RIDGID tools


          I can only echo what the other posts have already said. I have a dozen tools registered with the LLSA, and all have been confirmed in three to four months, give or take a couple of weeks.

          Hopefully you have kept a copy of everything that you sent, and have noted the date of your mailing. This will give you some referance to work from, should you need to call. I also suggest that you register on-line, so that you have an E-box setup so that you can also check the status of your registration there.

          If you have NOT received any confirmation in four months, you really should call and check on the status of your registration. In cases where there has been a delay, that call usually "tears it loose", so to speak.

          I have yet to need service on any of my Ridgid tools, but from everything that I have read, there shouldn't be a problem. I have had a Ryobi router that needed service (same Service Center for me), and counting the day that I shipped it UPS, I had it back... perfect in 10 days!)

          I hope this helps, and... WELCOME to the Ridgid Forum!