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framing tools and brake question

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  • framing tools and brake question

    I was wanting to buy a circular saw for framing. I am going to build a house, and a barn. I thought a circular saw would do the job as quickly as anything, but a friend says I should get a sliding miter saw also. Should I invest in both or would the circular saw do everything I need in framing a house/barn?

    Also, I was wanting a circular saw that had a brake for safety. I didn't see that offered on the RIDGID circular saws. How important is a brake? If I can't get the brake on the RIDGID brand, what would you recommend?

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    Re: framing tools and brake question

    You don't say what your expertise is in using tools, but I gather from your question that it is limited. Yes, you can get by with just a circle saw, but if you can afford both, I would definitely get both. Repetitive cuts, such as headers, cripples etc. can be much more accurate with the SMS, especially to the novice.


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      Re: framing tools and brake question

      In all of my years I have never had a "skil" type saw with a brake in it, (that I am aware of) and if the guard is working properly I really do not know why one would need or want one, I think the only saw I have a brake on is the power miter saw.

      I would think one would find a power miter saw or sliding miter saw handy, and if on a proper table or bench, they can make things very nice,
      (years ago I had my daughter helping me build a house one summer, and she was not into using the "skill" saw, (it was the skil 77) which is heavy and does take some bulk to use,
      and she liked the miter saw (at that time I had the 12' dewalt) before the sliders, and cut most all the cuts we needed on all the framing stock, it worked well, and the cuts were square.

      is it a necessity no, as in the good old days all you needed was a sharp cross cut hand saw,

      but if your building a house in the finish departement you would probly want a miter saw of some type, so I would go with a 12 miter saw from the start, and build a or buy, a bench to set the saw on and have supports on the ends for the support of the stock, I have a wood bench that the saw bolts to and has a extended fence, it is about 8 foot on the left hand side and about 4 foot on the right hand side of the saw, I am right handed,
      mine is similar to this built in on in this url, but sets on two saw horses, they make light weight ones for job sited use, but I do not know how they would stand up throwing framing materials on it, (no mine table/bench is not exceptionally portable) but it was made for having my daughter being able to cut the framing materials we were using and this was nearly before any thing commercial was available. in this area.

      I guess if you have the funds to build a house and a barn, I would invest in a good quality "skil" type saw, and a power miter saw of some type, I have never used a slider, my chop type miter saw has done most ever thing I wanted from it, but do get a 12" blade if you chouse a non slider. (on 2x12s we did have to flip and cut twice) but on all the other we did not have to double cut.
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        Re: framing tools and brake question


        IMO you do not want a brake on a handheld saw. The rapid stop of the blade would cause the saw to move in your hand and depending on how aggressive the brake is it may cause you to fumble the saw if you were not expecting it.