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  • Need Help Finding A Part

    I have a RIDGID 4.25hp, 12 gallon Wet/Dry Vac. I am trying to locate a new wheel for it. It has been broken for a while but it is just getting frustrating trying to locate one. I hope someone may have any suggestions where to find it. Thanks in advance.


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    Re: Need Help Finding A Part

    Check or call 1-800-4-RIDGID to order parts. From what I can tell from the parts diagrams for 12 gallon vacs from, if the vac model# is WD1200 or WD1230 the part# is 822481 for a twin wheel caster. Model# WD1245 uses a #73102 caster and model# WD1246 uses #73137 for a wheel caster. I hope this information helps.


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      Re: Need Help Finding A Part

      Welcome to the forum. This is the answer place even if we have to make it up! Kidding aside, there is a tremendous amount of experise available on this forum. Hopefully you will stick around and share some of yours.
      Dawg's advice was right on, however I just wanted to add that if you feel the wheel broke because it was defective, the Ridgid vac is covered by a liftime warranty and a call to Ridgid customer service with a good story might get a free replacement.
      Good luck....Ray


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        Re: Need Help Finding A Part

        CJSH, what model # is your vac? I have a "base" with wheels sitting in my garage collecting dust. If you can use it and then it is yours just for the cost of the postage.

        Just want to share that I too have good experience with Ridgid CS. I have a 8 yr old Ridgid vac (no such luck as Lifetime warranty then) and recently my wife broke one of those damn wheels .. (nope, I didn't break it).

        After wasted ~$4 bucks on those white color wheels sold in HD - they didn't fit -- I called up Ridgid spare-parts and the replacement wheel at a premium price - about ~$15 included shipping. The darn wheels still didn;t fit eventhough the PartNumber is spot on as printed on the manul of my vac. Obviously they must have changed the design dispite the Model # remained the same

        Called them up for a refund and the ultra friendly and helpful CS offered me a complete base replacement with pre-assembled wheels for free. The package arrived in a week with the "base" and two other sets of spare wheels of smaller sizes.

        Anyhoo.. the base still don't fit but one of those extra wheels does. My vac is back on crusing again


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          Re: Need Help Finding A Part

          A bit late on this, but I've not been reading this forum for a bit.

          I'm a Contractor for a General Management in the upper NE area. Had a horrible time try'n to locate parts for quite some time. Then someone directed me to the following info and everything has been peachy ever since, hope this helps.

          Call Gardner INC @ Phone 614-456-3578 FAX 614-456-4001

          I dealt with Tyrone Ushry (He was an excellent help). Not sure if just anyone can request him or not, however he set up our account and I always have waited to speak with him. ANWAY they have parts and complete tear down lists and WILL send them to you via FAX (and I'm sure usps) if requested.

          NE contractor.