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  • Miter Saw Squeak

    Hi All,

    New to the boards here. Thought it might be a good place to come for a question concerning my ridgid 12" sliding compound miter saw. I've only had it for about a year and when I go to use it, there is a rather loud squeak just as the blade starts to spin. Common sense would tell me that it needs to be oiled or machine greased somewhere. I've read however that the saw should never need additional grease. Perhaps its the motor belt?? Anyone else experience this or have a solution to the problem?


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    Re: Miter Saw Squeak

    The squeak means your drive belt needs to be tightened. Check your manual for proper tensioning. The belt is located under the orange cover to the right of the motor. Remove the screws, once the cover is off you will see the belt. The adjuster is outside the casing near the rear of the belt. Loosen the allen screws and tighten the belt using the adjuster screw. Retighten the allen screws put the case back on and start the saw, the squeak should be gone. Hope this helps, its normal for the belt to stretch just dont let it sqeak for too long as it could prematurely wear out the belt.