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Clutch Question (12V Li-Ion Drill)

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  • Clutch Question (12V Li-Ion Drill)

    Hey all! This is my first post here.

    Unfortunately, it's about a possible problem with my new R82007 12V lithium-ion drill.

    For my work, I mostly use my drill on the lightest clutch setting. It seems though, that the resistance is inconsistent. I can put in one machine screw and it sets perfectly and the very next screw is over driven. I can hold the chuck in my hand and pull the trigger over and over and you can feel the difference. Sometimes you can almost hold it with one finger and sometimes you really have to grab it with two fingers.

    The only time it feels consistent is when I run it at full speed.

    Is this just the nature of the beast or should I exchange it and hope for a better one?

    Thanks all.

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    Re: Clutch Question (12V Li-Ion Drill)

    Welcome to the forum. This is a great place for questions and answers, hanging out and absorbing the ambiance and having fun.
    I don't have the particular model you are using, however will offer a couple of thoughts based on the info in you're inquiry.
    1) The clutch in most drills is a friction slip device controlled by spring pressure which is modulated as you set the numerical device. I believe part of the problem might be that using this drill on the lowest setting and probably trying to keep the speed low to reduce the possibility of over driving could cause the chuck to be erratic. Friction devices are inconsistent at low speeds and settings.
    2) The drill you have purchased is a fairly new product and maybe the clutch is still a little grabby. You could try holding and releasing the rotating drill chuck a number of times to create some wear and possibly smooth the clutch mechanism.
    3) It sounds like your application might require a less powerfull, slower drill/screw driver.

    Over a year ago my sister requested a small, lightweight drill/driver she could have for household use to screw cabinet doors, picture hooks, electrical switch covers, etc. We have a contrcting company that specializes in rehabing old houses and have a slew of screw guns of all sizes and power. She was sick of trying to work with those. I found the this on Amazon and purchased it for her knowing that when it turned out to be junk I could return it for a refund. Surprise of surprises, it turned out to be a a very usable little tool with such surprising power one can drive three inch deck screws yet the speed is slow enough so there is no worry about overdriving and scratching the finish by jumping out of the screw bit. It's inexpensive and Amazon will let you returnit if it doesn't perform.
    I liked it so much I bought several for my crew.
    There are now many mfgrs of small, lightweight, low power 3.6 to 9 volt screw guns that can be found at many retailers including Walmart(Skil and Black and Decker) Lowe's (Hitachi) Home Depot (Ridgid 9.6V or possibly the excellent Bosche 10.6 V. All the above retailers provide a reasonable satisfaction guarantee return policy if the product does not meet your needs.
    Good luck...Ray


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      Re: Clutch Question (12V Li-Ion Drill)

      If you need a consistent precise driver, the 12v LiIon Ridgid is not it, it is more of a small drill with a clutch that is much less accurate than my older 12v NiCad drill/driver and it also had too much runout /chuck wobble so I returned it. The 9.6v NiCad Ridgid is a very good driver and well made, good mechanical clutch too.
      If you want compact,and LiIon, the PS10 Bosch has an electronic clutch that is very exact every time but a bit strange to use at first, since it will stop turning/shut off at the set torque. The PS20 has a very acccurate mechanical clutch.