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  • Detergent Nozzle!!!

    I know this isn't a power tool, but there is talk of pressure washers here often and I thought I'd ask. I recently found a Power Care Soap Blaster detergent nozzle on the HD site and would like to know if any of you have used this. It supposedly propels the detergent up to 30 feet, which is something I really need to do large, high areas. Thanks for any info. Later!

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    Re: Detergent Nozzle!!!

    If it is the same one that comes with the Ridgid 3300 psi unit, the nozzle has a short and long throw option: pulling the nozzle forward enables a long throw and leaving it in allows a short throw. I did not measure the exact distance, since I did not use it, but it appeared to be over 20'.