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    My 3000 Ridgid pressure washer shows a drawing of a 'Clorox' degerent bottle properly hooked up in the owner's manual, however, the manual indicates that "bleaches" can be bad for the machine. Is a 'Clorox' mix bad for the machine?
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    Re: Pressure Washer

    Personally I don't think beach will hurt a decent pressure washer. Especially if it is downstream injection, as is the case with most homeowner units. With this type of setup the solution is pulled into the very edge of the pump and is instantly sent into the hose from there. On all the units I've used the cleaning solution never makes it into the pump internals. For years I've used a mix of 1 pint of bleach, 1 pint of Simple Green and this is mixed with 3/4 gallon of water. Then run it through the machine. This provides great cleaning power for anything, the sudsing of the Simple Green allows the solution to cling onto surfaces much better than with bleach alone, it is harmless on plants, smells OK and is a cheaper alternative to the "pressure washer ready" cleaners you see in stores all the time. After using any cleaning solution be sure to flush plenty of fresh water through the system. Later!