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843 Ridgid Cordless Jig Saw

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  • 843 Ridgid Cordless Jig Saw

    Maybe somebody out there can help me out. I have the r843 cordless jig saw and it worked great until I broke the last blade that it came with. Now I can't find any blades that fit. Several will mount only to come out after I start cutting.

    This is the older style of this saw from a little over a year ago, Ridgid has since completely changed the design of the quick release blade mounting mechanism. They must have realized what a pain it was. The blades that were shipped with the saw had the "quick release" T style but they had a hole in the top of the blade above the quick release.

    Now I can find the quick release style blades or the older style with the hole but not one that seems to fit the saw.

    I am hoping that I can either find a source for the blades or get Ridgid to exchange the saw since its not usable without blades. Its still well within my 3 year warranty.

    Any help or thoughts would be appreciated.

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    Re: 843 Ridgid Cordless Jig Saw

    I don't know who told you the blade mounting mechanism was completely redesigned, however I don't believe that is accurate. We have several of the cordless jig saws purchased starting from early 97' to early 98' and the blades are the same.
    There can be a problem with some blades "locking" in. I hold the saw upside down so I can see the mechanism and don't push the lever all the way as it overthrows the chuck. Push the blade firmly and wiggle it. I think this will correct you're problem which is common with this saw. If not and you registered for the LSA return it to a Ridgid service center for repair.....good luck...Ray


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      Re: 843 Ridgid Cordless Jig Saw

      The redesign comment is from my own observation. The saw that I have has a small lever actually located on the blade post. The newer versions of the saw have a much larger lever built into the case. When you use the lever on the newer versions the entire blade post spins. On the old saw using the lever just opens the post a little so that you can slide the blade in. I am not familiar with the blade securing mechanisms on the 90's saws, mine was purchased around Christmas time 2006 and the newer mechanism that I was referring to is on the saw that HD has on the shelf now. There are substancial differences just from comparing the two side by side.


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        Re: 843 Ridgid Cordless Jig Saw

        OK....Here I am with egg on my face for two reasons.
        1-I have no knowledge of the model you have. That was before we started using Ridgid tools.
        2-The 97' and 98' in my post were brain farts as I meant 07'-08'.
        I would call Ridgid customer service. I'm confident they will have a fix.
        Let us know what happens...Ray