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Ridgid 12460 Vac Gripe & Suggestion

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  • Ridgid 12460 Vac Gripe & Suggestion

    I'm sure nobody wants to hear gripes, but here's mine. I bought the 12460 to replace my Shopvac (TM) vac. The Ridgid 12460 held the accessories, was lighter, rolled better (the Shopvac tipped easily due to a brain dead wheel setup) and seemed more powerful.

    Now the gripes: WHY!!?!? doesn't this model allow you to use bags? The paper filter (which is the same kind as used on my Shopvac) is nearly worthless on anything dusty, especially tile and drywall debris. I mounted nearly two dozen ceiling cans in existing plaster & drywall ceilings this winter and nearly threw this vac away after cleaning the filter for the zillionth time -- in -10 weather! -- because it clogged on trivial amounts of plaster dust.

    Everything else about this vac is great -- it just seems really D-U-M-B to make a shop vac that *can't* use the paper filters, and if I recall, none of the Ridgid ones can use bags except the more expensive ones (what a surprise!).

    Now the suggestion -- since you have to clean the filter every 5 minutes, design the filter nut to be retained by the filter plate and include a length of wire/shock cord to retain the filter plate to the top assembly. Its way too easy to lose the nut and especially the plate.

    The nut you just kind of set down, but the filter plate sticks in the filter and your first instinct is (or better be, since its totally plugged with crap) is to knock the filter out in a bag already half-full, causing the plate to disappear in a sea of filth and tossed long before the next vac user discovers it missing in a cloud of un-filtered dust from a malfunctioning filter.
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    Re: Ridgid 12460 Vac Gripe & Suggestion

    ^^^ just looking through archives, I read this post. These are my thoughts too. I've had to pick up metal shavings and borings. Not a huge amount, but that combined with general warehouse maintenance has made the filter for my 16 gal. Ridgid a bit of a pain. A pity, because otherwise, the vac seems to me quite durable.


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      Re: Ridgid 12460 Vac Gripe & Suggestion

      I have to agree also. I have the 12 gal Ridgid vac hooked up to a mini-cyclone and with a Cleanstream filter now, for woodshop debris cleanup / dust collection. This helps keeps the filter from clogging and I only need to clean it every few months of use.

      However, for any other around-the-house cleanup that needs to be done I use a five year old Craftsman, that I mostly hate, but it can use the bag inserts. And between plaster, drywall, sanding dust, and pet hair the bags are 100 times more convenient than banging and blowing out filters.

      The Ridgid vac has been the heart of my workshop for 2 years. But when it dies, I'm not sure I'd buy another that doesn't accept bags.


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        Re: Ridgid 12460 Vac Gripe & Suggestion

        What bag are you guys talking about? A bag/filter that catches the dust, or a bag that fits inside the tank for ease of removal when emptying?

        I tried the "Cleanstream" pleated filter and did not like it. It plugged very fast, but that is a good thing if you want to get down to 1 micron size dust. I don't. I use the aftermarket pleated filters that slip on the motor housing. I can handle a little fine dust cause I also vent my shop some even during the winter.

        Using a bag for a filter, for me anyways, doesn't work since there is very little surface area compared to a pleated filter. I would imagine they (the bag) would plug very quickly, but on the other hand, probably does a better job at filtering out the microscopic stuff.

        What i've always wanted to see is a vibrator motor of some kind mounted to the bottom of the pleated filter. Then when the vac is shut off, the vibrator would come on for about 10 seconds and shake all the crap off the filter before the next turn on. Then you would not have to pull it out all the time and knock all the crap out of it.
        There ya go Ridgid!!! Another idea you can play with! Just remember who suggested it if you decide to use it! LOL

        Congratulations to Mr. "the sky is falling" Al Gore, nominated the new Village Idiot!


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          Re: Ridgid 12460 Vac Gripe & Suggestion

          Mark,Bosch has a vac that vibrates the filter.
          I like the cleanstream. The filter if it get clogged more easily it is doing a better job. The smaller particles are more unhealthy so I am not sure why you would want them inside your shop. The vent is a good idea but I would not want to be introducing dust if I could block it.


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            Re: Ridgid 12460 Vac Gripe & Suggestion

            i use my ridgid vac for everything. everyday use in the house plus otherthings.
            for really fine dust and stuff i have put a nylon stocking (pany hose 0 over the filter, works great and stops the super fine stuff from filling up the filter.