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  • Of45175 ???

    So I was at Home Depot on Friday and saw a new oil-free air compressor that doesn't even appear to be on the website yet. It has pretty much all the same specs as the old model but instead of 150 max psi it is rated at 175 psi. The handle is in a new location as well and the overall design looks, well the same but more aero dynamic, I guess. Looks pretty nice and they have the same sku as the OF45150 so no price change. Just thought I would bring it to the attention of those on the forum.

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    Re: Of45175 ???

    I work for Campbell Hausfeld. We design the Rigid units. The unit you speak of i had a large hand in designing. It's a very nice unit. We also moved the water drain valve to the front of the unit for easier access when draining water from tanks.


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      Re: Of45175 ???

      Hey Ru & Lins, nice hearing from you again. Hope all is well with upcoming family matters. Thanks for the notice and the post. I'll get that unit up on the site. Little slow on that I admit.


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        Re: Of45175 ???


        If possible, can you tell me about the status of the 2.5 gallon "Finish and Trim" compressor (Model # OL25135). I'm in the market for the immediate purchase of a small portable compressor like this (for finish nailing applications).

        I do recall that it was introduced just before the holidays and then was supposedly marked "clearance", with units all over the country selling for well below the retail price. (I think it was about $169, IIRC.)

        I see it is still listed on the web site as a "New" product, but my local HD has no idea. Originally they only received two of these and both were sold instantly.

        In any case, it looks exactly like what I am in the market for... any chance that they are still available, or will be coming back soon???

        Thanks in advance,



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          Re: Of45175 ???

          This new Ridgid compressor (OF45175) is at the bottom of page 6 in the new (July 3rd) Home Depot flyers.


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            Re: Of45175 ???

            I currently have a craftsman 20Gal 4.5 Hp that I bought thinking that I would do spray painting and air tools for my car. In reality I have only used it once or twice for spray painting and never purchased any air tools. I only use it for nailing framing to finish work. I also use it to blow bicyle tires and car tires if they need it.

            Since I am trying to consolidate and save space in my garage. I am thinking of selling the craftsman and purchasing the Ridgid. However my concern is that I might have problems inflating a car tire from time to time.

            Can anybody give me some feed back on my concerns? Should I consider this unit? It appears that it will meet all of my needs and just the concerns listed above.

            Thanks in advance.