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table saw safety

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  • table saw safety

    how can i tell what type of safety features a saw has? anti kick back? product descriptions on websites dont say much. does the portable ridgid table saw have safety features thanks

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    Re: table saw safety

    Your HD should have a display model of the RIDGID job site saw so you can actually look at it. Both of mine have them, even though they don't have 3650s.

    The safety features that are default are a blade guard, splitter, and anti-kick back pawls (they bite the piece if it moves forward). They can be seen on the parts diagram here:|Password

    (Look for the guard assembly page.)

    Some more expensive saws have riving knives, but they won't be standard until 2009 models (I think UL decides these things), and some date later that they'll be required for all saws. The "ultimate" in safety is a SawStop which has a blade brake, but the starting point for a contractor saw is $2100.


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      Re: table saw safety

      for the most part there is not much for "safety features on most table saws, as most is on the guard, and usually the guard is the first item to be removed as it is usually in the way of many cuts, or the safety features mess up the wood being cut,

      the big one is setting the blade at a proper height and to keep you fingers away from the blade when cutting small or narrow pieces use push sticks and or blocks set up finger boards and use common sense, if your startled DO NOT MOVE YOUR HANDS, use eye protection.
      Push sticks/blocks Save Fingers
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