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Special Project - Hole Hawg Drills

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  • Special Project - Hole Hawg Drills

    Sometime when I have a chance, I'm going to pickup the orange fake copy of a Milwaukee 1675 Hole Hawg drill from Harbor Freight. Then because I do have a real thing Milwaukee 1675, I'll run some A - B tests and really work the orange one hard. After the testing, I'll take it apart and try to get some good pictures of the insides of it. I have found that a good many Harbor Freight hand held power tools come with NO grease at all in the gearbox. Talking about self destructive power tools!!! That's just totally stupid. If it sounds like the gearbox is running dry, I'll note it but I'm not putting my good grease into a POC orange tool. Sorry, but it's reserved only for top brand name power tools.

    After a good workout test, I'll post the results. I have yet to see any serious reviews where the Harbor Freight version of a Hole Hawg was tested. For only $110 maybe it actually isn't too bad, but I really don't expect much.

    Have any of you ever purchased and used this tool? Please see link below.

    My reason for doing this test is that I have a good friend that's an electrical contractor. Their "RED" brand Hole Hawg have a nasty habit of growing feet and running away on them. The same with the yellow & black ones too. The orange one is cheaper to replace.

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    Re: Special Project - Hole Hawg Drills

    Remember that you get what you pay for and $110.00 is only $89 less than the RIDGID brand.
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      Re: Special Project - Hole Hawg Drills

      Waaaaaaay to much time on your hands.
      Buy cheap, buy twice.


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        Re: Special Project - Hole Hawg Drills

        Ladies and gentlemen of this forum, cry, cry, cry. I got my MINT condition real Milwaukee 1675-1 Hole Hawg for only $100 and all it needed was the proper chuck key. I think I did pretty well with that deal. A local pawn shop was running a Saturday clean out the place special. I just got lucky being there at the right time. Sorry, but they only had one of them in MINT condition. The others were pretty sad.

        Will I pay the full price for the ORANGE copy just so I can test it? Never ... I'll just keep my big floppy hound ears open and maybe I'll find one cheap sometime. Until then RED rules.

        Please note this was about 2 years ago and since then it's no longer in Mint condition as I have worked it. I do keep it in good shape, but using a tool, it does show some wear and tear.