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Black Wheel Marks

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  • Black Wheel Marks


    Just bought a brand new 3300 psi washr.
    It leaves black tire marks wherever it is stationed when in use.
    So I must re-wash wherever the machine stands.
    The marks are very difficult to remove from decks.
    The wheels are from China. Not made of rubber.
    We need an optional pneumatic tire for these machines.
    Any sources for a good set of wheels and tires out there?

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    Re: Black Wheel Marks

    china strikes again!


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      Re: Black Wheel Marks

      usually non-marking wheels are gray, yellow, or white. You could check Northern, Grainger, or Harbor Freight.


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        Re: Black Wheel Marks

        I have noticed the same problem, upon closer inspection the wheels look like some kind of vinyl, not rubber. I understand rubber can also leave marks; however these tires leave marks if they are just wet, it is as though the tires are melting. I have not experienced this before.
        I wiped them down with 3m protectant a couple of times, but have not verified if this will solve the problem. I previously posted about this issue, but had no responses.