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    I have several of the Ridgid 9.6 volt screw guns and love them. Have tried several other brands and updates trying to replace it with something more current, but I keep going back to this one because it works. Several of my tools are older and have no lights for dark places or in spots where it might be helpful when making cuts, etc. I was in the local hardware store and saw these small LED lights with swivel headed flex lines that allow you to pinpoint where you want or need lighting (they had them in what I'll call Ridgid orange, DeWalt yellow, Bosch blue, Hitachi green and maybe a lavender for those so inclined to match up to their tools). I removed the pocket clip that came with it and replaced it with velcro strips and put the attaching velcro on the tools. They work like a charm in getting light right where you need it. I enclose a few pictures of the attached lights and a picture showing the size. Unfortunately, when I took the picture with the flash it all but eliminated the LED light that was being cast, but I'm sure you can use a little imagination there. Also, it didn't jiggle on the jig saw and worked fine on top of the 18 volt impact driver where there is no light. Didn't need it on the circular saw (even though there's plenty of room to attach one), nor did I put it on the recip saw. Caulking gun was never a consideration for lighting. The LEDs cost $4 each, fit right in the space above the trigger on the screwdriver and the fingers never interfere or touch the light. Voila, my tools have light.
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