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  • Ridgid Bench Grinder

    Hi all,

    I'm looking for some information about a Ridgid Bench Grinder. I don't have any model, but I need to find some replacement parts (eye protection and some grinding wheels). I have look over the net with no results. I'm starting to think that ridgid does not manufacture this kind of products any more. Is that true ?

    I do have a catalog page that shows very clear that it is a Ridgid Bench Grinder so It is not an illusion nor I'm crazy, hehe. But the catalog page was scanned from a fuzzy picture and there no p/n's. I do have some p/n's from what I need:


    Hope someone can help me out looking for this items.

    Thanks and kind regards,

    Marceo Tassara

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    Re: Ridgid Bench Grinder

    I don't recall ever seeing a Ridgid-brand bench grinder. Perhaps it is rather old. I think I'm fairly familiar with anything made from the late 90's through the current product line. However, the Ridgid brand has been around for several decades, so perhaps I've missed something.

    Could you post a picture?

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      Re: Ridgid Bench Grinder

      Is there something special about the grinding wheels that common readily available after market wheels won't work? There must be dozens of places in Miami that you could get them at. As far as the safety goggles go, any HD or Lowes should stock them.
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        Re: Ridgid Bench Grinder

        We haven't made the bench grinders in years. As for parts the only one I could find is the D-2329 which is our catalog number 93805. This number is still good and we still have a few in stock. I going to see if I can dig up the other ones.


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          Re: Ridgid Bench Grinder

          Most bench or pedestal grinders use pretty much industry standard parts. As for the plastic or glass eye protection shields you may need to work with a good glass and plastics dealer. A 1/4" Lexan custom cut and drilled shield will serve well. You may need to get some steel rod and custom bend it. As for wheel flanges all you need is the outside diameter (no less than 1/3 the wheel diameter) and the bore (shaft diameter plus a tiny bit more so it slides over shaft) and you would be set. When it comes to replacement grinding wheels, NORTON makes all manor of them.

          Baldor Electric Co. is a big leader of making electric motors and has made many grinders too. I'm sure they can help you with guards and wheel flanges.

          About their bench - pedestal grinders

          Contacting them
          Baldor Electric Company
          Corporate Headquarters
          5711 R.S. Boreham, Jr. St. Phone: (479) 646-4711
          P.O. Box 2400 Fax: (479) 648-5792
          Fort Smith, AR 72901

          They should be able to put you in contact with a service center that repairs grinders. Then you can have them get any parts you need.

          In addition you may want to contact businesses that sell used industrial metal and/or wood working machinery. They may well have some salvage grinders with burned out motors they would sell you cheap or they may have salvaged good parts around.

          As for your RIDGID grinder, my bet is that Emerson Electric made it. They used to make some for SEARS until they went over to selling imported ones under their "KRAPSMAN" name.

          If none of this works out, try calling up a DELTA machinery dealer. Delta used to have bench grinders and parts were easy to order from any good Delta dealer that sold their stationary machinery. Same with JET machinery.
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