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A Better Case For Your Right Angle Drill

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  • A Better Case For Your Right Angle Drill

    For those of us that happen to own a 1/2" D-handle drill with a right angle head on it, here's what I think is a better case than the normal ones which are plastic and huge in size. Using a simple red steel toolbox measuring about 19 x 7 x 7 it all fits in nicely. This is a way to save some $$$ over buying a drill case and it saves one room as well. Please see pictures and think about this some.

    Note: The drill is a Milwaukee 1/2" D - handle type such as their current models 1001-1, 1007-1, 1101-1, 1107-1 (sold as 1107-6 now), 1250-1 (special high speed model). Some of them are sold as kits with the right angle head, tools and a plastic case. The right angle head is catalog #48-06-2871 and has a gear ratio of 1.5 to 1. I'm not sure if the cordless models would fit into this size toolbox with the battery installed but it would be pretty easy to find out.

    ACE Hardware sells this same type of toolbox. In addition Waterloo Industries which is famous for all manor of tool and other storage equipment makes a very similar toolbox. The one at ACE is some other make but it's not a bad product and is cheaper than the Waterloo. I think SEARS may sell a toolbox that would work. I remember in the past they did.

    Just my 1 cent worth.
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    Re: A Better Case For Your Right Angle Drill

    I have one and its old, but I sure like it. The top lift out compartment is the best feature. My box came with a hammer drill.....
    Great Link for a Construction Owner/Tradesmen, and just say Garager sent you....

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      Re: A Better Case For Your Right Angle Drill

      Here is the Waterloo one on the SEARS web site. This one does work nicely.

      The 19" long toolbox that ACE currently has runs a bit small in depth and height. It would work but things would be a pretty tight fit. I think the toolbox in the pictures may be some brand X one. I'll try to get more info as it does work and very well at that.