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3660 blade to miter slot adjustment?

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  • 3660 blade to miter slot adjustment?

    I cannot seem to get the blade to miter slot adjustment any closer than .010-0.012. I have a ton off adjustment on the back but it is all in the wrong direction. I have loosend all the bolts 3 front and 3 back, did I miss something? I have the lever all the way to the left as seen from the rear of the saw. I even went so far as to remove the lever to see if i could squeeze a bit more but no go. The front of the blade pivots but thats about it. I get very little side to side adjustment in the front of the blade. What is the norm for this? I would think I should be able to get closer than im getting to square or is that as good as it gets? Thanks, Curt

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    Re: 3660 blade to miter slot adjustment?

    Ok i got it and just since I have seen a lot of questions about this and not too many answers I will give my solution. I found the bevel adjust screw was holding the issue for the front of the blade so I removed the screws that hold it into the side of the saw and then turned the screw in by hand with the bevel lock on and the let it dangle inside the saw. at that point i was able to move the front of the blade just as much as the rear and easily get the 1/8 gap referenced in the manual. Once that was done the blade alignment was a snap. Then pivot the screw up and turn with your fingers until it seats back in the holding bracket. YMMV. Curt