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Twin Stack Air Compressor Issue

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  • Twin Stack Air Compressor Issue

    Howdy All,

    Got my Twin Stack 4.5 Gallon Ridgid Air Compressor home about two days ago.

    First day all was well, did some quick bits of framing work with a craftsman nailer that I had around from some previous projects.

    Bled out the tank, opened the drip valve and left the unit in the garage over night.

    This morning I went out to do some quick staple work with it on the roof of my shed.

    When I fired up the compressor, I noticed that the outflow gauge was reading 60 psi even though the outflow was dialed to off. Worse, there is an audible 'leaking' noise that indicates that there's air leaving the system somewhere.

    When I dial the outflow up to 70-80 PSI or so, the air loss is minimal, but it's still there so my tank capacity goes from 175 or so and bleeds out to around 90 even with no tools attached.

    Has anyone else seen anything like this? I'm hoping that it's just something simple that others have run into, but I'm expecting the worst (return it, or service).

    Any advice?

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    Re: Twin Stack Air Compressor Issue

    Did you ever get an answer? I have the same problem.


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      Re: Twin Stack Air Compressor Issue

      If within 90 days, return it and grab another one. Life's too short and your money too important to be screwing around with defective equipment.
      I'm on "The List" and I love it!!


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        Re: Twin Stack Air Compressor Issue

        A) Return it for another one if you can do so

        B) Check the pressure regulator. The diaphragm may have a small hole in it.

        C) Depending on brand and model used the pressure switch diaphragm may have popped.

        Take a short piece of garden hose or clean PVC hose and hold one end near your ear (not right in your ear but about 2-4" away) and probe around with the other. You should be able to find the air leaking that way.