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ts2400LS Extension wing loose

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  • ts2400LS Extension wing loose

    I looked in the owners manual, and it discussed how to adjust the wing table if it was unlevel. My issue is that it seems the whole wing extension is loose(ie the rails move up and down. I found 4 hex screws underneath, but they are kind of hard to reach with anything useful to tighten. Are they what I am looking for?

    Also I cant remember, the locking arm, does it sit flush or does it dip down below the table grade a bit? Mine is sitting below the grade, but I thought it used to be somewhat parallel. I havent been hard on my saw, the only thing I can think of is that I have been using the top as a assembly table, but I have a piece of hardboard over top. I guess I could be wrenching on the table some when I pull the rip fence out too.

    any ideas or opinions?