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Got a new Milwaukee 0234-6 Magnum 5.5 Amp 1/2-Inch Drill

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    Re: Got a new Milwaukee 0234-6 Magnum 5.5 Amp 1/2-Inch Drill

    The -6 on a Milwaukee drill means it comes with instructions for North America sales. English, French and Spanish. I contacted them some time back about it. The drill is a 0234-1. For downloading manuals, parts lists and wiring diagrams always use what's on the name plates. Forget about the box. By the way any drills that are really factory reconditioned with have a big 8 on the box either next to or over the 6 on the box and several bright green stickers on them. I think the 8 is for all Milwaukee recond, but am not totally sure about it.

    For more info you can call them at 1-800-729-3878 and try to get Tech Support. The people at customer service normally aren't too smart.

    Just a little FYI: If you can find one the 0224-1 is the same drill as a 0234-1 but is geared faster (0-1200 RPM) and came with one super duty 3/8" chuck. The 0244-1 is the same as a 0234-1 but is geared slower for high torque (0-600 RPM). The 0235-1 is a 0234-1 with a POC keyless chuck. Well it's POC to me anyway. The 0233-20 is the Magnum drill geared fast (0-2800 RPM) and has a keyless chuck. For doing fast little holes in wood it's a handy drill but please remove the keyless chuck and put on a good quality keyed one. Then you may like the drill. Personally I have a high speed old timer Black & Decker industrial 3/8" drill and it serves me very well.

    Here's something I got and love for any pistol grip drill. This cost far less than the proper case and has lots of room inside.
    It's not on their web site now but the local ACE Hardware has this same tool box only it's about 15" long. Works great
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      Re: Got a new Milwaukee 0234-6 Magnum 5.5 Amp 1/2-Inch Drill

      Have had an opportunity to really put this drill to use. All the guys in the shop are using it. Which is okay, but I let them know to treat it right. I wanted to get another one, but the price has already almost doubled on Amazon.

      I wanted to get either an American-made Milwaukee cordless drill/driver or a Hitli Made in Lichtenstein model, but so far, no luck in finding them at the HD.

      Anyone know if these are available on-line? Most of the stuff I saw at HD was made in China, except for the Lichtenstein-made jig saw by Hilti which I'd love to get.


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        Re: Got a new Milwaukee 0234-6 Magnum 5.5 Amp 1/2-Inch Drill

        If you really want a great version of a Milwaukee 0234 drill, try to find the 75th. anniversary special that was made in the USA in the late 90s. That is one heck of a nice version of this drill. Milwaukee went all out. It was marketed as 0234-75 and came with a really nice case. Every now and then there's one of them on eBay for sale. In addition if you can find a new old stock or a mint condition 0234 with serial number prefixes of 532A or 532B they were good ones. That's not to say the earlier versions weren't good too. Later when the 532C came out that one has too many Chinese parts inside for my liking.

        What's totally wild is that the other day I tried out a brand new Made in China 0300-20 and other than being nose heavy I had to say that it ran very well and that drill has some serious power. I like others prefer the shorter and lighter weight old Magnum series.

        I think you did well getting your's and there are more of them out there. Sometimes dealers run specials.