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Newbie with a TS2410LS

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  • Newbie with a TS2410LS

    My wife had the Bosch 4000-09 on order for my birthday but we canceled it in favor of the TS2410LS, mostly because of comments here and elsewhere in reviews. Honestly I had never considered the Ridgid tools at HD because I figured they were a lesser, me too, house brand.

    Last year I started getting back into woodworking and built a few poker tables using only a Bosch jigsaw (first table was with a 25 year old B&D jigsaw) and sander that are awesome. I figured I had found my new default tool company. This year I picked up a gread Dewalt 1/2" drill and a Porter-Cable Router based on info I found on the web, so all bets are off.

    I have and ancient inherited circular saw that I would break out once in a while if the wook did not have to be accurate but never used a table saw. Basically the comments that swayed me from Bosch were that people had trouble with the fence staying square and secure. Although after looking at Lowes, the 4100-09 (new model) the fence looked almost Identical to the TS2410.

    Anyway I made a few test cuts yesterday and I think I am really going to like this. Everything on the saw looks pretty well made and easy to use. The only minor complaint is the saw guard and the storage of it on the base. It tends to just fall out. Also I a wondering how often I will use the guard since I think (at for now) I will mostly be making through cuts and ripping lumber.

    Any way thanks for the comments here. I will post a few questions in another thread.

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    Re: Newbie with a TS2410LS

    Roy......Congratlation's on choosing a wife smart enough to buy you a TS2410 for your B-day.......and welcome to the forum. This is a place with a bunch of knowlegable and fun guys.
    We have a 2400 at our company which is used exclusively as a job site saw. It holds up well and the folding stand allows it to be loaded in and out of a pickup by one man. We never use the rip guard, however it is carried on the saw and I kind of remember it being a little loose until I looked and noticed it had a couple of locking tabs which took care of the problem.


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      Re: Newbie with a TS2410LS

      Thanks Road. She got tired of me complaining about trying to rip narrow lumber with my jigsaw. I am glad I ran across the forum.

      I hate to say I did not even realize that I could leave the guard on for rip cuts until I thought about it a little. I will do my best to leave it in place and see how it goes.

      Catch you later