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  • Milwaukee Right Angle 28V

    Anyone have experience with Milwaukees 28V Right Angle drill?


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    Re: Milwaukee Right Angle 28V

    If you mean this one, I did get to try one out some. It's no match for the corded version of the same style, but it is pretty wild what it can do.

    You might like to read this test review of mostly corded right angle drills where they also tested out the Milwaukee V28 model 0721-21 as part of the test.

    If someone wants a really nice running and well designed D-handle drill with right angle head, the Makita DA4000LR is one sweet drill. It's an updated version of a Milwaukee 1107/3107 and the no longer made Porter-Cable. One drawback to Milwaukee's design is that if run in reverse under high torque the chuck retaining screw is easy to bust off. Makita and Porter-Cable have a keyed drive design so that won't happen.

    I will credit the Milwaukee V28 with having enough power to drill some pretty good size holes, but again it's no match for it's corded brothers. If anyone needs to really do big holes, please look into a true right angle drill designed like the Dewalt DW124, The Milwaukee 1675 or 1680. If you need something lighter and more compact then a D-handle drill and right angle head are worth looking into. Now if all you need is a very compact drill for up to about 7/8" holes through 2 by lumber then look at the 3/8" chuck models such as the Bosch 1132VSR, Hitachi D10YB and if you can find it the Makita DA3000R. The sort of duck shape models by Milwaukee just don't have it.

    If you have corded right angle drills and were thinking of the V28 as an add-on and already have other V28 tools so all you need is the bare tool, then it would make a nice addition. If you have in mind using it as you main right angle drill, please pass it over and look into a good corded drill. Trying to drill say (10) 2-9/16 holes with a self feed bit is going to clobber the battery before you get done. The tester in the review must have been drilling very easy to drill wood and had a brand new bit. Normally you won't have a brand new bit or super easy drilling wood. I do wish they had geared down the V28 more. The corded 1107 drill which as a kit is the 3107 is geared slower and with a powerful corded motor makes minced meat of the cordless. I really think it's a matter of how much use and what kind of use you have in mind for it. I'm hoping to see Bosch and Dewalt do a 36 Volt Li-Ion version and maybe also Makita. A big battery (over 3 Amp Hr.) 36 Volt version of a heavy duty type right angle drill would be a nice new tool that I hope to see soon.
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      Re: Milwaukee Right Angle 28V

      I have DeWalt DW124K's. Can't beat them.

      I was considering it as an add on. I like the swivel head.

      How do you think it would perform with 1 tooth bits?
      I get similar performance with what feels like less stress on the drills.