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  • Is this a good deal


    I am looking at this miter saw this evening and was wondering if anyone could tell me if it is a good deal. The owner has been unable to find a model number on it...



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    Re: Is this a good deal

    If it were me, I'd pass on it if you're looking for a miter saw that will give you accurate cuts. In my opinion the older CMS's by RIDGID, Craftsman and Ryobi are all junk. They are all made by the same company and share the same problems. The biggest one being that when making a bevel cut the table has a tendency to flex due to a defect in design. On the other hand, I'd grab up that older version of the Miter Saw Utility Vehicle, what he called the stand, in a heartbeat.

    If on the other hand you're just looking for a miter saw to do construction type work where close enough is good enough than that's a pretty good deal for both pieces.
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      Re: Is this a good deal

      Thanks for the reply. Just left Home Depot with new Ridgid 12" Dual compound Miter saw, MSUV, & 18v Compact Lithium Drill
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        Re: Is this a good deal

        Congrats on the new tools!!! Don't forget to post some pictures and such. And let us know how you like the tools, of course.
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          Re: Is this a good deal


          I hope you enjoy the new tools... don't forget to register them for the Limited Lifetime Service Agreement. You'll need a copy of your original receipt(s) and the original UPC code cut from the box for each of your tool registrations.

          Read the manuals, work SAFE and welcome to the Ridgid Forum!