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questions about 3660 from new owner

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  • questions about 3660 from new owner

    welll i ve got my 3660 together and have tinkered with it some. as far as zci inserts, do you reccommend making or buying them and i want a good combination blade. i see all these numbers, but what would be one freud blade that you recommend? also id like to build a crosscut sled and am looking for ideas for one.

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    Re: questions about 3660 from new owner

    I've always been happy with the Freud LU84R011 combination blade. I've already had it sharpened twice and there's enough carbide left to handle a few more sharpenings.

    ZCI's are way less expensive to make than buy. If purchasing them is the route you'd prefer than here's one source. Model #949 is the one you want.

    Woodsmith has a very easy to follow plan for building a no frill sled. Click here then click on the "Free Plan" prompt in the middle of the page.
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