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  • Help with value of tools

    Hello-- I am new to this forum and hope someone can be of help.

    My father passed away a few years ago and he was very much into carpentry...I am just now going through his workshop and need to sell some of these items--However--I have NO IDEA how much to sell them for or where to find any info about these tools---

    The tools I have are all pretty vintage but all in great condition and work great--they include:

    Craftsman-Sears adn Robuck--Ban SAw MOdel NUmber 103.24289

    Craftsman-Sears adn Robuck--Planer MOdel NUmber 11320621

    Craftsman-Sears adn Robuck--Little Planer MOdel NUmber 103.2334Q

    Craftsman-Sears adn Robuck--Router MOdel NUmber 103.22161

    Craftsman-Sears adn Robuck--Drill Press MOdel NUmber 103.23640

    Could somone tell me the value of these tools or where I can find out the info---I geuss I am goign to have a garage sale and would like sell for a fair price)

    Thank You

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    Re: Help with value of tools

    Sears model numbers don't tell us much. Can you tell us the size of each item? i.e. bandsaw-14"; planer 12" router-3/4 hp; or any info would help. Any chance of some pics?


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      Re: Help with value of tools

      do some EBay searches for similar tools, watch the auction to completion, and or do a completed auction search,
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        Re: Help with value of tools

        You could try which lists many old Craftsman power tools.

        A Craig's List or eBay search as previously said will get you a ballpark price range, adjust based on condition of tool, all included accessories present, owners manual present, etc.

        On the above site are a couple copies of old Craftsman tool catalogs I believe. If you found a catalog within a year or so of the suspected age of your tools you'd have an idea of what they sold for new.

        I believe all the Craftsman model numbers beginning with 113 were made by Emerson in the 50s thru the 90s, and the 103 stuff is older, maybe King-Seeley vintage which would put it back in the 50s or older I think.
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