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Couple of Rigid warranty questions

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  • Couple of Rigid warranty questions

    I have a 4 or 5 year old Rigid 12 volt drill and the batteries are about shot. I went to the store to buy new batteries and decided on buying a new drill instead. My mother in law called and had the same issue, so I bought her a new one too. Then had someone tell me that Rigid batteries carry a lifetime warranty. Is that true?

    My mother-in-law's drill (Ridgid) doesn't have a model or serial number printed on the label on the side of the drill. It has the same sticker as mine, just no model or s/n printed. Does that mean it's a refurb?


    PS: My new drill (Dewalt 18V with free impact driver, on sale for $186.75 at Home Depot) sits un opened in the floor. If I can get free batteries, I'll return it and keep on using my Ridgid.

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    Re: Couple of Rigid warranty questions

    Two answers to your battery question:

    First, when Ridgid first introduced the new line of "orange" tools, they did so with a "Limited Lifetime Service Agreement" that covered many tool components, including batteries and chargers. The terms of this introductory offer was that the purchase be made between specific dates, and as I recall the ending date was something like January 31, 2004. (I'll have to look back at my paperwork to see the exact dates which I will post tomorrow eveing, if possible.

    Second, after that date, the "LLSA" was unavailable for a two or three years, but was introduced again in 2006, if I remember correctly. However, with this second offering of the LLSA, "registration" of your tool was required. Registration required the purchaser to send in a copy of thier store receipt, the original UPC (cut from the product box), and of course your name, address, phone, tool model number, serial number, etc.

    So, if you meet either of these criteria, you would qualify for the LLSA. If not, you're out of luck! If you do qualify for the LLSA, then you must take/send your battery to a certified Ridgid Service Center and they (not Home Depot) will in turn replace the item. From reports here on the forum, this takes two or three weeks.

    Regarding your Mother's tool and the missing serial number, I honestly don't know if that distinquises it as a factory reconditioned unit or not. I do recall that early on, there were a few posts complaining about "fading" of serial numbers. Whether this was a rare incident I don't know. I do know that I bought two tools in that early introductory period and those serial numbers are still as legible as when new.

    Good luck,



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      Re: Couple of Rigid warranty questions

      Something you might keep in mind is that there are places that rebuild power tool battery packs and normally it's a good bit less than buying new ones. If you have a Batteries Plus store near you, they are a place to check out.

      You should be able to find locations on their site.


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        Re: Couple of Rigid warranty questions

        CWS and Old Grunter:

        Thanks for the replies. I've checked into both avenues. Here's the reply I got from Ridgid regarding warranty:


        If you have tools you purchased prior to midnight January 31, 2004 they can be covered under the original lifetime warranty. However, the purchase receipt has to be provided to an authorized warranty service dealer when claiming warranty coverage under that specific coverage. Registration was not a requirement for that specific coverage. Tools under that warranty coverage can be registered in E-box, but the reciept is still required to claim under that coverage, and their status in E-box will appear as 3-years.

        Ridgid power tools purchased after January 31, 2004 carry a standard 3-year warranty and the reciept is also required when seeking service under that coverage. However, a service dealer can provide coverage based on the tools serial number, if the receipt is no longer available. Tools under this coverage can also be registered in E-box, but will remain listed as 3-year coverage.

        The new lifetime service agreement coverage and E-box registration started on April 14, 2005. Any Ridgid wood working power tool purchased after that date can be registered in E-box and the coverage obtained by following the steps to obtain it, listed in the E-box registration process.

        Warranty coverage/service and repairs for your Ridgid power tools can be obtained by determining your closest authorized Ridgid service dealer from the dealer locator at the link below, contacting them, and arranging to get the tool in for warranty service and repairs based on the reciept or the tools serial number.

        I also checked with a couple of battery rebuild sites, which is what I'll do if the warranty thing doesn't pan out. Thanks agian for all the help.



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          Re: Couple of Rigid warranty questions

          I have a Rigid hammer drill that was purchased in Jan 2004,and is now broken. Unfortunately the receipt is missing. Does anyone know the process required to get HD to provide a copy?