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  • Core Drill

    Any advice on a core drill would be appreciated. Only drilling-oh, about 5" holes max. once in a while. Thanks.


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    Re: Core Drill

    used to have this one business partner got it in the split though.... great drill and pretty affordable compared to some others if i remember correctly


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      Re: Core Drill

      It depends on what your core-drilling. My new Hilti TE-70 can core drill 5" holes in concrete block....but something more like wrench-spinner's core-drill is better for more precise holes in harder materials.
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        Re: Core Drill

        here is the one i use for both portable hand held and for rig mounted to 6''. it's a 3 speed model.

        i also have the larger miwaukee 20 amp with vacuum base and i use this for larger holes or production holes.

        i think the weka dk12 will do a great job for you. also get the drill rig to allow for bolting and accuracy.

        stay away from the hilti unless you're committed to buying hilti core bits only.


        also ridgid use to sell a core drill set up. the factory that ridgid bought from is right next door to the ridgid plant in ohio.
        phoebe it is