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Fence/Miter Guage for Ridgid 14" Bandsaw?

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  • Fence/Miter Guage for Ridgid 14" Bandsaw?

    Hello All. Brand new to the forum, but I love the few ridgid tools I have so far. I'll be picking up their 10" Table Saw in a few weeks as well. Most recently I just bought the 14" Bandsaw.

    I could use a Mitre Guage or a Fence for it. Any idea on where I could puchase one? I've been looking on-line and haven't had much luck (ok no luck) in finding one.

    Thanks in advance!!

    Ryan Cassidy

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    Re: Fence/Miter Guage for Ridgid 14" Bandsaw?

    Welcome to the forums, Rcassidy! I hope you find the bandsaw to be as nice as I have. The only improvement I've made to mine is to replace the standard belt with a v-link. That really made the saw run a lot smoother.

    I bought the Kreg fence for my Ridgid 14" bandsaw and it works great. Before that, I made a fence using 3/4" MDF and some left over 2x4 material I had laying around. The problem was, even though I had milled the 2x4 really straight, it warped on me. I may replace it with some hardwood, but the Kreg fence is working great so I'm not really motivated to remake that piece. I like the Kreg because it's easy to adjust to the drift of the blade.

    For a Miter gauge, I use the one from my TS3650. I replaced that one with an aftermarket one. The standard TS3650 gauge is good enough for the bandsaw.

    I also use the Wixey Digital Angle Gauge to set the bandsaw table angle, instead of relying on the angle measure built into the table. I highly recommend the Wixey! It's such a universal tool, it's now got a prized place in one of the pockets of my shop apron.
    I put it all back together better than before. There\'s lots of leftover parts.


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      Re: Fence/Miter Guage for Ridgid 14" Bandsaw?

      Thanks for the reply.... I looked at the Kreg fence and at the Jet Fence on-line. I ended up going with the Jet fence which so far has worked great! I only had to drill one hole in to get it to fit properly.

      Thanks for your help!!