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  • Ni-Cad to Lithium

    Hi everyone, I'm sure this question comes up a lot but I just wanted to know if anyone knew if I could use Li batteries in my Ni-Cad tools. Of course I would get a new Li battery drill and use the charger and the batteries from it and not get the Ni-Cad and Li mixed up.

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    Re: Ni-Cad to Lithium

    If you have Ridgid 18V, yes you can. You'll just need the new charger.



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      Re: Ni-Cad to Lithium

      for example: 18v nicad rated 1.4, 1.9, 2.5ah can all be used in any 18v tool.
      The 18v lithium ion rated 1.5 or 3ah can be used in any 18v tool, and visa versa.

      Any 18v battery can be run in the dual voltage 18/24v tool except you need to know using an 18v battery in the max line dual voltage tool will be at a reduced efficiency. Refer to the specific tool for specifications and details

      Finally never charge a lithium ion battery in a nicad charger.

      Cactus Man