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  • TS 2400 Growling motor

    I just picked up my nearly new TS 2400 from the repair center.My original complain was ,what I thought was entirely too much vertical play in the blade and motor assembly.I will be the first to admit ,this is my first direct drive saw and was not sure what to expect.At any mid point of vertical adjustment of the blade height there was close to a .125 or 1/8 of vertical slop.At the extreme top and bottom of movement there was NO play.OK What gives here?
    I made a few cuts and discovered that the blade and motor assembly were climbing up as the saw increased in speed.OK what can that hurt?Not much .So I made a few more cuts.Consistantly from first start up I thought this saw was too noisy.The soft start of 2-3 seconds delay takes off with a growl.Turning the arbor by hand ,the bearing sounds rough.A few times there a clunk at the beginning.I swear I could smell the motor. Thats it ,I'm calling somebody about this.
    The tech girl told me there was no perceptible play in the saw that they have and use as their standard. Now we are getting someplace.Lets get this thing fixed.
    All the techs at the repair center agreed that it sure was noisy and the blade sure did have a lot of play in it.OK FIX IT.Ten days in the shop and three different parts changed ,the play in the blade /motor assembly is all but gone.It is still noisy and I can still smell the motor.I guess the repair center ran the saw over the phone to the RIDGID techs in the hopes they could hear the howling motor."OH that noise.Well that is just the normal noise the saw makes.It is OK ".In the last few days I have visited three different H D'S that had a 2400 on display.Of course I could not hear them run but just by turning the arbor by hand I can tell that none of them felt as rough as mine.As for smelling the motor.Maybe it is just the brushes seating in.I don't know.I'll admit I'm little hincky about that since my Dad nearly had a shop disaster when his ts motor shorted out. RIDGID says it is fixed.The repair center says they think there is still something wrong but RIDGID wont let them throw anymore parts at it.I'm asking you folks out there ,especially you 2400 owners.Does your motor start with a clunk?Does your arbor bearing sound and feel rough.And most importantly,CAN YOU SMELL IT? I await your input on this matter. Thanks Ed

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    Re: TS 2400 Growling motor

    Mine used to start with a bang until the motor seized lol now i'm out 469 rdigid tools suck and so does their customer service ..............


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      Re: TS 2400 Growling motor

      I've had mine for about 3 years, maybe longer, and no clunks, no strange sounds, motor turns freely, no vertical play. It does have a very small lateral movement when I try to wiggle the blade, but no indication of lateral motion when running and sawing. My saw really only sees fairly light service, although there have been some buried rip cuts at full blade height. All without a problem, and I hope it stays that way.


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        Re: TS 2400 Growling motor

        I can't speak to your other problems but "smelling the motor" might have something to do with the brushes.

        While I never smelled "motor smells," I do have a problem with this motor and its brushes. I probably have 1 hour total running time on my 2400 over a period of 2.5 years. Never ran anything heavy through it. Maybe a couple pieces of 1x maple once or twice. One day it just stopped working, I thought it was the slow start controller switch at first, thinking it couldn't possibly be worn brushes yet, but I took it apart and sure enough the brushes are COMPLETELY worn out. They are sending me a new set of brushes. I looked through the opening at the armature and slowly turned the blade. Looks shiny in some spots, dull in others, as if the brushes were not even contacting parts of the armature properly....

        Went to talk to an expert electric motor rebuilder. When I told him the above, he said, "sounds like a bad armature" He said if it is, if you just install new brushes, and continue to use the saw, it will definitely burn out the entire motor. I hope I can take that with a grain fo salt, but it doesn't exactly inspire confidence.

        It is my feeling that brushes should last at least 20 hours run time on any motor being used for what it is designed for. I have 15-20 other power tools and have replaced brushes on only ONE of them: a makita disc sander I was using heavily, 8 hours a day, weeks in a row!!!

        There is a flaw in design or production here. -- Who knows? Maybe the brush material is too soft, the armature machining poor, or some combination of this.. Ridgid should own up to this somehow. In many ways I like the Ridgid saw... especially the fence.. just wish it had a better made, and a bit more powerful motor. Hate to say it, but I think I'll be steering away from Ridgid on my next power tool purchase.


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          Re: TS 2400 Growling motor

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