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New 12" sliding miter saw

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  • New 12" sliding miter saw

    I just bought this saw and got it set up in my shop. It's HUGE. I thought seriously about returning it because I had to do a work around to allow the saw full motion without breaking out windows. My problem is I can't get the dust bag to fit on the dust output. Any guidance?

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    Re: New 12" sliding miter saw

    first you have to put the wire dust bag frame on to the saw. the bag will lay in that and then you just push it into the hole on the back of the saw.
    when i bought mine about 2 years ago i cut i think 2 or 3 cuts and took bag off and its been in a box ever since.

    if you move the saw around at all look into getting a MSUV, i have the old style of miter saw utility vehicle (MSUV). with it the size and weight of the saw isnt a problem at all since you just fold it up into its own 2 wheeled cart more or less.
    here is a link to the new style.


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      Re: New 12" sliding miter saw

      Thanks for the response. I've got the wire frame in. The problem is the molded plastic opening on the bag does not fit the exhaust opening on the saw. The exhaust opening is squared off on the end and the part attached to the bag is rounded and it just proves, you really can't force a round peg in a square hole. I'm wondering if I was given a wrong piece, somehow.


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        Re: New 12" sliding miter saw

        is the picture i attached what you are talking about? i didnt dig my bag out but i know it fit once anyhow.
        But once in awhile i do hook up my shop vac to cut down on the dust, i agree that the hole isnt a complete circle but i can get a 2 1/2" hose to fit into the mostly round hole.
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          Re: New 12" sliding miter saw

          To get the dust bag to work there is a plastic elbow that fits the hole on the saw and has a ridge on it to accept the dust bag retention ring. The dust bags don't work though. I cut several boards and had more dust on the table than in the bag. hope this helps