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Milwaukee 4v lithium screwdriver kit

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  • Milwaukee 4v lithium screwdriver kit

    I can't review this as it's still on a UPS truck someplace.
    However, go to Home Depot and search for:
    " Milwaukee 0490-22 "

    They have this on sale for $39.00!!!!!!
    It is a 4v 21 position clutch , 3ah lithium ion battery [2 in the set]
    drill/driver! Tool weight is about 1.2lbs.

    I have their 2.4volt nicad version over 10 years now and I just
    purchased this to upgrade.

    It is dual speed low 200rpm, and high 600rpm.
    Now what's the big deal?
    You can do a search and find this exact item from $122.00 to over $170.00!
    Replacement battery cost alone is around $61.00 or the charger is around $70.00

    Home Depot's sale price of $39.00 even beats e-bay!!!!!
    This sale is only until September third.

    I ordered a few extra for XMAS/Chanukah gifts

    This is via the internet only, I have not seen this in any of my
    local Home Depot stores.

    Cactus Man

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    Re: Milwaukee 4v lithium screwdriver kit

    I got one of those a few months ago. For $39 it's a good deal, but I don't think it's worth more. It doesn't have an electronic brake. The factory bit was wobbly, but that was easy enough to fix. It doesn't have much power, but it's fine for removing and installing electrical cover plates and what not. I prefer my Bosch PS-20.


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      Re: Milwaukee 4v lithium screwdriver kit

      Originally posted by cactusman View Post
      This is via the internet only, I have not seen this in any of my
      local Home Depot stores
      FYI I think I seen it at HD in my area but I already have the Bosch
      Looking forward to your review


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        Re: Milwaukee 4v lithium screwdriver kit

        My local HD had a few dozen of them


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          Re: Milwaukee 4v lithium screwdriver kit

          Be careful with this as the 0490-20 is the bare tool only. If you need the charger and battery that's the 0490-22.

          More info on them here. The links are first for the -20 and then the -22 versions.


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            Re: Milwaukee 4v lithium screwdriver kit

            I ordered one - thanks for the heads up. Might not be the greatest of the powered screwdrivers, but for $39 it sure as heck meets my needs! And if I decide it doesn't, I'll bring it to Sears and get $119 in store credit!


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              Re: Milwaukee 4v lithium screwdriver kit

              Well the tool arrived! simply put, I'm very impressed with it!

              First off the build is excellent...typical Milwaukee tool quality, even though it's made in china! [So, what else is new?] The motor noise has a quality sound to it!

              I don't speak spanish or french so I only reviewed the English portion of the manual.

              This tool comes with a 5 year warranty!

              The batteries are much smaller than I expected 1 1/4" round and 3 1/4" long. They are 4v 3ah rated lithium-ion!

              The tool comes with two batteries, the charger, and a Phillip's bit.
              For the actual tool specs, you can visit the Milwaukee or Home Depot website.

              Now let me be clear this is not a torque wrench, or hammer drill, or impact driver, or even a high torque drill/driver. This is a convenient DIY'r battery operated "SCREWDRIVER".

              Most of you are used to a clutch that ratchets or clicks when you reach the setting. This tool just stops! no click click click.

              The business end of the driver is kind of nice too. Their older 2.4 model just had a 1/4"
              hex opening to slip the bit into it. You always had the bit fall out when upside down!
              This new model has a latching design. You simply pull the collar, it's unlocked and you pop in the bit. you push it and it's locked and the bit will not fall out!

              Now this driver will give you 200L/600H rpm and around 30+ in/lbs of torque at 200rpm. You can drill up to 1/4" holes or use a small step drill on high 600rpm and have good results. There is a pilot hole drill setting.

              I refer you to the manual for more details and especially how the adjustable clutch works.

              The handle goes from straight to a 90 degree bend. It does not lock in the bent position.

              Now you won't be able to build a deck, or drywall a house with this screwdriver, or screw in 1/4" lag bolts! But, for 90% of the typical homeowner DIY stuff this tool is perfect.
              For example, disassembly of a microwave oven, installing window blinds with pre-drilled holes and #10 screws, no problem. Working on small #4 or #6 screws on electronic equipment, no problem, working on computer stuff, no problem!

              I could go on and on with examples and I'm sure I'd miss something But the idea is this screwdriver for $39.00 is an excellent value.

              The battery will last a long time rated at 3AH!!! also there is a "battery fuel gauge" on the tool to let you know how much battery you have remaining. charging the battery from "empty" is around 30 minutes.

              OK, the only thing I'd like to see added to this tool is a small white LED to help you see in those dark corners.

              Cactus Man
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                Re: Milwaukee 4v lithium screwdriver kit

                Tool use update:

                I have used this screwdriver for a myriad of projects and I've not been disappointed.

                Recently I assembled two Hunter "hugger style" ceiling fans.
                I set the torque/clutch to about 5 and secured all the fan blades. Knowing all the screws are torqued the same reduces any blade challenges.

                I used the screwdriver for all other hardware assembly except for the lag screws going into the 2x4 stud mount. This tools can't handle lag screws! For that I used my trusty Ridgid 18v impact driver....The lag screws went in like butter!

                I am very impressed with the battery life and the convenience of the battery fuel gauge.

                I believe home Depot still sells the kit for $59.00, still an excellent price for what this tool offers.

                Cactus Man