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Ridgid 3300psi Pressure Washer Performance

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  • Ridgid 3300psi Pressure Washer Performance

    I just fired up my new Ridgid 3300psi pressure washer, and the performance leaves me with a few questions. First, I was surprised at how loud it is. Thought it would be somewhat quieter. Secondly, I tried using it wash off a very dirty old van I plan to sell. I used no detergent, and hit the surfaces from as close as 12" away with the 40 degree nozzle. That knocked off the really loose stuff, but the car is still quite dirty. Stuck on bug remains are unaffected. I would never use a pressure washer on any car I cared about, but how close and with what nozzle can one get to car paint? And is detergent the key to success? I just bought a bottle of ZEP All-in-1 Premium Concentrate. How can I best wash the van?

    Also, the unit lost pressure momentarily a few times, but then recovered. What happened? Air in the feed hose, or..?

    - Phil

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    Re: Ridgid 3300psi Pressure Washer Performance

    Detergent is KEY when cleaning pretty much any surface. Yeah the pressurized water will do most of the work, but detergents are really needed to finish the surface 100%. Try this....... find an old strip of molded/mildew concrete and clean it with water alone. Then apply detergent to another area with the same mold/mildew, let it sit a bit and clean it. Wait for it to dry and you should see the difference.

    The burping you speak of is probably air in the lines, either going to/away from the pump. Always make sure the lines are purged before applying high pressure. Short periods of cavitation probably won't hurt anything, but you never know. Later!