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Mortising attachment for Rigid drill press

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  • Mortising attachment for Rigid drill press

    I used to have an old Taiwanese drill press that I bought a Delta mortising attachment to use on and it worked just fine. The cylinder that the chuck mounted to was the proper size for the spacers, etc.

    Then I upgraded to a new Rigid floor standing drill press, and I finally got around to checking to see if the mortising attachment would fit. It seems that the spacers are not big enough to fit the top area of the cylinder but if I drop it down a bit, where the smaller diameter area is exposed, I might be able to get them to fit tight enough to use.

    Anybody else tried to use a Delta kit with a Rigid drill press?

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      Re: Mortising attachment for Rigid drill press

      Originally posted by mapdude View Post
      NBR (No Bump Required)

      If you post only once you will find all your responses in one place.
      Here, on the RIDGID forums, most people check for new posts by using the New Posts button at the top of the page. This shows them all the posts since they last logged in. One thread works as well as tow or three (or more as some have done for not knowing better).

      My suggestion would be to end this thread and all follow up be posted in:

      What size is the quill on a Rigid drill press?
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