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3300 PW with Zep Cleaner

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  • 3300 PW with Zep Cleaner


    I just got the RIDGID 3300 Power Washer (PW) with Zep cleaner from Home Depot.

    I want to use PW and Zep to clean the exterior of the house before painting the house.

    Do I need to mix the Zep with water (1 part with 20 with water)?

    What is the procedure Power Wash the exterior of the house using Zep Cleaner?

    There are some steps I need to follow so I do not screw up the pumps.

    Can you guys give me some tips on how to do this?


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    Re: 3300 PW with Zep Cleaner

    Sorry for the non-answer but I think that I'd call ZEP and get their opinion. I'd hate to see you mess up a brand new pressure washer the first time you use it. If ZEP doesn't say on the bottle that it can be used with a pressure washer I wouldn't use it unless they say you can.
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      Re: 3300 PW with Zep Cleaner

      To play it safe I would use a pump up garden sprayer if in doubt. If you mess it up it's not the big $$$ like messing up the pump of a pressure washer. No matter what if you do use the detergent with a pressure washer be sure to flush it out of the pump and hoses before shutting down.

      As per BadgerDave please do contact ZEP for recommended mixing.

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        Re: 3300 PW with Zep Cleaner

        At my home depot in Canada they had a bunch of Zep stuff right near the pressure washers and more in the cleaning area. These were big 1 gallon jugs made for pressure washers.


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          Re: 3300 PW with Zep Cleaner

          I wash 11 apartment buildings every year & use a 50/50 bleach & water mixture in a garden pump sprayer then wash down with a pressure washer.

          Really if your buildings is fairly clean this 50% mixture & a garden hose & nozzle is all you need.

          Its best to not use a pressure washer on a building if you don't need to & can keep from doing so they are really over rated.

          I only use a pressure washer if the building is really dirty. I also recommend an adjustable wand that has 2 tubes & diverts the pressure down the second tube to decrease the pressure. It make it so much easier to adjust on the go.

          Also get a filter made just for pressure washers to keep from picking up something from the plumbing it only take a small amount of grit or scale to foul up your pressure pump. Don't ask me how I know this.