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  • Automatic Shut-Off

    I'm in the market for a heavy-duty wet-dry shop vac.

    Perusing the specifications for various RIDGID models I haven't found any verification of which models, if any (or all ) have an automatic shut-off triggered by the drum being full.

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    Re: Automatic Shut-Off

    Seems to me that a loss of suckage would be a good indicator that the drum is full.
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      Re: Automatic Shut-Off

      Sure. That would indicate it.

      My question is more directed at whether waiting for that particular indicator would damage the unit.

      Other vacuums incorporate a float ball that activates an electrical shut-off of the motor.

      Still others use a float ball to block the vacuum inlet, protecting the motor/pump from liquid entry.
      The motor then gets much louder, alerting the operator to empty the drum.
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        Re: Automatic Shut-Off

        Found the answer in the .pdf of the owner's manual on pages 2 and 11.

        They use a float blocking the inlet manually to protect the motor/pump.