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  • shop vac question

    i have one of the big ridgid shop vac, witht he 2 inche hose.
    i was using it tonight to vac up the water from the old fish tank and it over flowed it did not shut off when the water got high. i ended up having to vac the floor afterwards.
    the water just poured out of it. was it a fluke or does the float not turn the vac off when full?

    my old shop vac brand shut off when full.
    i do not want to have to ship a vac off for repairs unless it is totally necessary.
    any way to check this with risking injury tomyself by having water over flow again and maybe this time into the motor?
    i have had the vac less then a year and yes i did not do the online warranty thing
    thanks for any advice

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    Re: shop vac question

    1. Be sure vac is unplugged.

    2. Remove the head and remove the filter.

    3. You should hear the float move about if you invert the head so it's upside down.

    What sometimes happens is that if it's not clean, clear water it will foam and that blows through the fans. You may want to check that the float doesn't have any water in it. If it does it needs to be replaced and customer service should be able to send you the part. If you're handy it's not that hard of a job to replace the float.

    1-800-4-RIDGID ... 1-800-474-3443

    You might try this outdoors. With a clean filter installed and the drum cleaned out suck up clean water and see if it doesn't lift the float and block air flow like your ShopVac did. If you had the filter off that can change air flow and mess up the way the float behaves.


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      Re: shop vac question

      Parts listings for RIDGID shop vacs

      Go to this site and type VACUUM in the search box. This lets you download the two parts lists. Looking at them should help you.

      The file names are 999-998-151.10_WD620_WD935_Wet_Dry_Vac_PL.pdf and 999-998-xxx.10_WD620_935_Vacs_PL.pdf
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        Re: shop vac question

        I have the same VAC and used it for the same reason. BUT instead of filling the vac and then rolling the weighted thing to the outside... I hooked a garden hose from the vac's drain to the curb outside. I found out that sloshing water can leak from the the Not-So-Tight seal of the power head and the canister.