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DP15501 Drill Press problems!!

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  • DP15501 Drill Press problems!!

    Hi everyone,
    2 weeks ago i baught this drill press from my local Homedepot. after a few test drills i noticed the drill head move to a punched hole i was about to drill. so i shut the drill off and lowered the head a little and tried to move it sideways. to my astonishment the head moved about 3/16" in all directions (lots of runout here). i contacted Ridgid support and was told to take a brand new tool to the nearest repair depot..
    now there is no way in hell i was about to take this thing to a shop so it could sit there till it was fixed. its brand new!! so i returned said press for another (have to give Ridgid a second chance, right?). checked for runout at the store. took home the last one in the store and set it up. when powered up i immediately noticed a wierd noise from the spindle pulley. no biggey, its not grinding just a little out of balance! then i adjusted the depth stop ring to try a set depth drilling and noticed the stop ring was stiff. thumbed through the manual about adjustment and it explains how to switch the handle from right hand to left. it also mentions about an adjustment to the spring assembly. i did the sring adjustment and still stiff after the first lowering of the head.. meaning the first time you go to drill the stop ring snugs up against the head assembly and does not want to move freely. the drill press i returned did not have this problem at all..

    is there a way to get this to work? or am i sol and have to return this drill press (i doubt i would get a replacement this time). i did send another email to support but am fairly certain they are going to tell me to have it repaired again.

    any imput is appreciated!


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    Re: DP15501 Drill Press problems!!

    Hi Dan,

    Welcome to the forum!

    Sorry to hear that you have had a couple of bad experiences with the 1550. I have the older gray-colored unit, that I purchased on close-out a few years ago. I only recently assembled the unit though and was quite impressed with it's quality and ease of assembly. Over the last year I have used it quite a bit and have been very pleased with it's performance.

    I believe there is no difference in design or manufacture of the 1550 since they changed the color scheme in 2003. I have read where the motors are now sourced from China, but that is the only difference that I am aware of. I believe, even my "gray" 1550 was built in Taiwan, so it's not a matter of domestic manufacture vs import. However, your experience certainly is evidence that assembly and quality assurance appears to be somewhat less than it should be on the current stock.

    In any case, the 1550 has had a pretty good reputation and I don't recall reading any serious reports on the forum. Perhaps there is currently a bad batch, but of course that doesn't make your experienced problems any less. I guess I would return the unit if a service center wasn't immediately in your town. Of course I would have to take into consideration whether competive units had the same features as the 1550 or whether the problems experienced just were too much for me to stick with the brand.

    Hopefully some other experienced members will jump in here and give you their opinions; but, I've been very happy with my 1550.



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      Re: DP15501 Drill Press problems!!


      Welcome to the forum and sorry about your two times bad luck. I really can't say much about the Ridgid drill press not owning one. I've read of many happy owners however. Do you have any good machinery dealers or industrial supply houses that deal in machinery in your area? If yes, it might be time to go and look over what they have.

      If you have some WD40 and paper towels, try a good squirt of WD40 under the depth stop ring and see if after some movement it loosens up. I would really need to have your drill press here or be there to get a better understanding of just what is wrong.

      I will say that looking at a setup Ridgid DP1500 at Home Depot, it's not the quality of a good Delta or JET but then it costs less too. The older USA made Delta were very good machines. Anymore other than their industrial models, I doubt the home user models are anything to rave about.
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        Re: DP15501 Drill Press problems!!

        thnx for the reply guys!
        i did return the unit and tested another 1550 at a diffrent store and did not leave until i was satisfied that the new unit was in 100% condidtion.
        i have yet to have any major problems since getting this last one. however it still sticks a bit when the depth stop is set. im hoping it will loosen up after awhile of use. it is not the best unit out there but for the price, warrany (lifetime) and a few setbacks you really cant go wrong.